Urban Studies Program

Professor of Art
MA, Harvard University

Architectural Design
Urban Design
Urban Studies

Professor of Sociology
BA, University of Missouri-Kansas City; MA, PhD, The University of Texas at Austin

Global Racism
Anti-Racist Movements

Professor of History
BA, Rutgers University; PhD, Cornell University

Medieval History
Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Geography
BS, Cornell University; MA, Clark University; MS, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; PhD, Clark University
Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies and American Studies and Director of Urban Studies
BA, Davidson College; MA, New York University; PhD, University of Chicago
Associate Professor of English
BA, University of British Columbia; MA, PhD, Stanford University
Professor and Chair of History
BA, Haverford College; MA, University of North Carolina; PhD, Northwestern University
Professor of Geography and Director of Environmental Studies
BA, Carleton College; MA, University of Oregon; PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Professor of Art on the Agnes Rindge Claflin Chair
BA, University of Arizona; MA, University of California-Los Angeles; PhD, Yale University

Art History

Associate Professor of Art
BS, Yale University; MA, PhD, New York University

Italian Renaissance and Baroque art, architecture, landscape and urbanism

Assistant Professor of Economics
BA, The University of Montana; MA, PhD, University of Colorado

Regional Development
Transportation Networks
Native American Development

Professor of Geography and Chair of Earth Science and Geography
BA, Pomona College; MA, PhD, University of California-Berkeley
Associate Professor of Education and Coordinator of Secondary Teacher Education
BA, Boston University; MA, PhD, Columbia University
Associate Professor of English
BA, University of California-Berkeley; PhD, Harvard University

Asian American Studies
Transpacific Studies
Critical Ethnic Studies
Popular Culture and Subculture
Literary Non-fiction

Senior Lecturer in International Studies and Urban Studies and Director of International Studies
BA, PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Professor of English on the Helen D. Lockwood Chair
BA, University of Delhi; MA, Syracuse University, MA; University of Delhi; PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Associate Professor of Anthropology
BA, Fisk University; PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington
Associate Professor and Chair of Education
BFA, Pratt Institute; MS, Long Island University; PhD, SUNY at Albany
Associate Professor of English and Director of American Studies
BA, University of San Diego; MFA, Mills College; PhD, University of California-Davis

Native American Studies
Contemporary Literature
Contemporary Poetry

Professor of History
BA, Vassar College; MA, PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington

Modern British and Imperial History
History of Childhood
Women and Gender
Urban History
History of Emotions
History of Medicine

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
BA, Trinity College; MA, PhD, Emory University
Professor and Chair of Sociology
BA, University of California-Los Angeles; MA, PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara

Urban studies
social theory
food systems
musical urbanism

Associate Professor and Chair of Greek and Roman Studies
BA, Cornell University; PhD, Duke University
Associate Professor of Political Science and Africana Studies and Chair of Political Science
BA, Moi University; MA, Keele University; PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Associate Professor of English and Director of Women's Studies
BA, University of Miami; MA, PhD, Columbia University
Professor of Political Science on the Margaret Stiles Halleck Chair
BA, CUNY Brooklyn College; MA, CUNY New York City College of Technology; PhD, CUNY Graduate School and University Center
Professor of History
BA, University of Ghana; MA, Wilfrid Laurier University; PhD, McGill University
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
BA, Utrecht University; MA, MPhil, New York University; MPhil, University of Cambridge; PhD, New York University

Linguistic Anthropology
Political Anthropology
Africana Studies
Caribbean Studies
Creole Languages and Cultures
Emotion and Persuasion
Race and Class
Colonial and Postcolonial Studies

Associate Professor of English and Director of Africana Studies
BA, University of Virginia; MA, Boston College; MA, Xavier University; PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington

American Nationalism; Immigration and Mobility; Black Intellectual Thought; Critical Race Theory

Assistant Professor of Film
MA, PhD, University of Iowa
Assistant Professor of Art and Urban Studies
BA, Federal University of Technology Minna; MA, University of Central Oklahoma; PhD, Princeton University
Professor of Geography
BS, MS, Peking University (北京大学); PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities