Africana Studies
Multidisciplinary Program

Founded in 1969 out of student protest and political upheaval, the Africana Studies Program continues its commitment to social change and the examination and creation of new knowledge. The program brings together scholars and scholarship from many fields of study and draws on a range of theoretical and methodological approaches to explore the cultures, histories, institutions, and societies of African and African-descended people. Program strengths include: education and activism; literature; feminism; political thought; Arabic language and culture; critical race theory; queer studies; prison studies; visual culture; creative writing; social, cultural, and political movements; and popular culture.

Lecturer in Arabic
BS, University of Jordan; MPA, Marist College


Dean of the College
BA, University of Colorado; MA, PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara

Afro-Latina/i Intellectual History
Popular Culture
Prison Studies

Professor of French and Francophone Studies
DiplM, Universitaires Générales; PhD, Université de Paris-Sorbonne

African Literatures and Cultures

Professor of Art on the Sarah Gibson Blanding Chair
BA, Dartmouth College; PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Interdisciplinary American art, social, and cultural history
Interdisciplinary African American history
Creativity and social justice
Grief, mourning, and loss

Professor of English on the Jean Webster Chair
BA, Pennsylvania State University; MA, PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
Associate Professor of Political Science
BA, Saint Joseph’s University; BA, University of Sussex; JD, Yale University; PhD, Brandeis University; PhD, Princeton University
Professor of Religion
AB, Princeton University; MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University
Associate Professor of Anthropology
BA, Fisk University; PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington
Professor of Film on the Mary Riepma Ross '32 Chair
BA, Tufts University; MA, PhD, New York University

African American Cinema
Documentary History
Feminist Film Theory
African National Cinemas

Associate Professor and Chair of Education
BFA, Pratt Institute; MS, Long Island University; PhD, SUNY at Albany
Assistant Professor of Political Science on the Class of 1951 Chair
BA, John Carroll University; MA, Duke University; PhD, Duke University

Judicial Politics
Media and Politics
Political Behavior and Identities
Racial and Ethnic Politics, especially Black Politics
Women and Politics

Lecturer in Arabic
BA, MA, Université de Tunis; PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Arabic Language and Culture

Associate Professor of Political Science and Africana Studies and Chair of Political Science
BA, Moi University; MA, Keele University; PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Professor of Hispanic Studies on the Randolph Distinguished Professor Chair
BA, Universidad de Puerto Rico; MA, MPhil, PhD, New York University
Associate Professor of English and Director of Women's Studies
BA, University of Miami; MA, PhD, Columbia University
Associate Professor of English and Director of Africana Studies
BA, University of Virginia; MA, Boston College; MA, Xavier University; PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington

American Nationalism; Immigration and Mobility; Black Intellectual Thought; Critical Race Theory

Assistant Professor of Africana Studies
BA, Brown University; PhD, University of California-Santa Cruz
Professor and Chair of Drama on the Mary Riepma Ross '32 Chair
BS, Northwestern University; MFA, New York University
Assistant Professor of Education
BA, Concord University; MA, Syracuse University; MS, University of Charleston; PhD, Syracuse University
Professor of Hispanic Studies and Director of Media Studies
BA, MA, University of Kansas; PhD, Stony Brook University