Asian Studies
Multidisciplinary Program

The program offers a multidisciplinary and global approach to studying the peoples and cultures of Asia. Course offerings in both the social sciences and the humanities focus on East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, and cover a wide range of topics, including East-West encounters, diasporas and globalization, social movements, environmental and political histories, technology, economies, regional security issues, gender and sexuality, post-colonial and nationalist film genres, music, art history, popular culture, Asian education systems, history, rituals, religion and Asian healing traditions, and both Asian and Asian American literary texts and social contexts. Options include a major and a correlate in Asian Studies as well as a correlate in Asian American Studies. Majors and correlates work closely with advisers to design their program of study based on their specific interests. The program encourages and places students to study abroad in Asia.

Professor of Education on the Dexter M. Ferry, Jr. Chair & Coordinator of Teacher Education
BA, MA, Wesleyan University; PhD, Stanford University

International Comparative Education
Educational Reform
Teacher Education
Youth Sports

Instructor in American Studies and Asian Studies
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Science, Technology and Society
BS, Yale University; MA, Columbia University; MA, Harvard University, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University
Professor of Political Science
BA, Lafayette College; MA, University of Delaware; PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Histories of Political Thought
Philosophies of Social and Political Inquiry, Explanation, and Interpretation
Modern Political Ideologies
Bordering Practices
Coloniality and Otherness

Associate Professor of Chinese and Japanese and Director of Asian Studies
BA, MA, Baika Women College; MA, Illinois State University; PhD, Purdue University

Japanese Women’s Literature
Girls’ Magazine Culture
Japanese Popular Culture

Associate Professor of Chinese and Japanese
BA, Fudan University (复旦大学); MA, PhD, Washington University in St Louis
Associate Professor of Film
BA, MA, PhD, University of Southern California
Associate Professor of English
BA, University of California-Berkeley; PhD, Harvard University

Asian American Studies
Transpacific Studies
Critical Ethnic Studies
Popular Culture and Subculture
Literary Non-fiction

Associate Professor of Religion
BA, MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University
Professor of Anthropology
BA, Bryn Mawr College; MA, PhD, University of Chicago

Political Anthropology

Professor and Chair of Chinese and Japanese
BL, Peking University (北京大学); MA, Indiana University-Bloomington; MPhil, PhD, Yale University

Modern Chinese Literature
Ancient Chinese Literature
Modern Chinese Poetry
Western Poetry
Literary Theory
Translation Theory

Adjunct Instructor in Chinese and Japanese
BA, Reitaku University; BA, University of Stirling; MA, SUNY College at New Paltz
Professor of Sociology
BA, Yonsei University; MA, Northeastern University; PhD, Brandeis University

Transnational Militarism; Citizenship, Civic Agency, and Social Movements.
Global Production and Consumption of Food; Masculinities from a Global Perspective.

Professor of Political Science on the Betty Goff Cook Cartwright Chair
BA, Osmania University; MA, Jawaharlal Nehru University; PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Critical International Relations
South Asian Politics and Postcolonial Theory

Adjunct Instructor in Chinese and Japanese
BA, National Chung Hsing University; MA, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Assistant Professor of Music
BM, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; MM, The Boston Conservatory; MM, PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
Professor of Chinese and Japanese on the L.B. Dale & A. Lichtenstein Chair
BA, MA, Peking University (北京大学); MPhil, PhD, Columbia University

Japanese and Chinese literature; Daoist philosophy; Women in East Asian literature and societies

Assistant Professor of History
BA, Carleton College; MA, PhD, Princeton University

Modern Chinese History; East Asian History; History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

Professor of Political Science
BA, MA, Nankai University (南开大学); MA, University of Chicago; PhD, University of Chicago
Professor and Chair of Religion
BSocSci, University of Cape Town; MA, PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara
Assistant Professor of Art
BA, Renmin University of China (中国人民大学); MA, Peking University (北京大学); PhD, University of Chicago

Arts of the Silk Road; Sino-Sogdian Art

Professor of Geography
BS, MS, Peking University (北京大学); PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities