Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Multidisciplinary Program

Professor of English
BA, PhD, University of California-Berkeley
Professor of History
BA, Rutgers University; PhD, Cornell University

Medieval History
Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Professor and Chair of History
BA, Haverford College; MA, University of North Carolina; PhD, Northwestern University
Professor of Art on the Agnes Rindge Claflin Chair
BA, University of Arizona; MA, University of California-Los Angeles; PhD, Yale University

Art History

Professor of English on the Henry Noble MacCracken Chair
BA, Amherst College; PhD, Rutgers University
Assistant Professor of Greek and Roman Studies
BA, Dartmouth College; MA, PhD, University of California-Berkeley

Latin Poetry
Classical Rhetoric
Ancient Literary Criticism
Classical Reception

Professor of English
BA, Clare College; BA, Yale University; PhD, University of Cambridge

English Renaissance Lyric Poetry and Music

Associate Professor of Art
BS, Yale University; MA, PhD, New York University

Italian Renaissance and Baroque art, architecture, landscape and urbanism

Professor of Religion on the Mattie M. Paschall Davis and Norman H. Davis Chair and Director of Jewish Studies
BA, Oberlin College; MA, MPhil, PhD, Yale University

Jews and Judaism
Art and Visual Culture

Professor of Greek and Roman Studies on the Matthew Vassar, Jr. Chair
BA, Washington University in St Louis; PhD, University of Pennsylvania

History of Ancient Rome

Associate Professor of English and Director of Medieval & Renaissance Studies
BA, MA, Eotvos Lorand University (University of Budapest); MA, New York University; MPhil, University of Birmingham; PhD, New York University

Early Modern English Literature
Shakespeare Studies
European Drama and Theatre

Associate Director of the Libraries for Special Collections and Adjunct Associate Professor of History on the Frederick Weyerhaeuser Chair
BA, Boston College; MLS, Simmons College; MA, University of Connecticut; PhD, Boston College

History of the book
History of private and fine press printing
History of the Bible

Associate Professor of Philosophy
BA, Brown University; PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
Visiting Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies
MA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; MA, University of London; MA, MPhil, PhD, New York University
Professor of Drama
BA, Rosary College; MA, PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities