Zoltan Markus

Associate Professor of English and Director of Medieval & Renaissance Studies

I received my first university degree in English and Hungarian from Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest (1990); my MPhil in English from the Shakespeare Institute of the University of Birmingham (1993); and my PhD in Comparative Literature from New York University (2002). My main fields of research are early modern English literature, especially drama, Shakespeare studies, European drama and theatre, and cultural, literary, and performance theory. I have published articles on these subjects in Canada, Hungary, Italy, the UK, and the US My current project, Shakespeares at War: Cultural Appropriations of Shakespeare in London and Berlin during World War II, is a comparative study of Shakespeare’s cultural reception in these two cities during the Second World War.

BA, MA, Eotvos Lorand University (University of Budapest); MA, New York University; MPhil, University of Birmingham; PhD, New York University
At Vassar since 2004


Eleanor Butler Sanders Hall
Box 57

Research and Academic Interests

Early Modern English Literature
Shakespeare Studies
European Drama and Theatre

Departments and Programs


ENGL 101 The Art of Reading and Writing
ENGL 240 Shakespeare