The department educates students to be active historians and encourages them to engage the library’s rich collection of primary sources. Students take courses in African, Asian, European, Latin American, and United States history, as well as a course in pre-1800 history and two seminars. Student work culminates in a senior thesis incorporating analytical, writing, and research skills and often involving field work in local archives, such as the FDR Library and Museum in Hyde Park, or summer research in the US or abroad. The department also offers a correlate sequence.

Professor of History
BA, Rutgers University; PhD, Cornell University
Professor of History on the Shirley Ecker Boskey Chair
BA, SUNY College at Brockport; MA, University of Rhode Island; PhD, University of Kentucky
Professor and Chair of History
BA, Haverford College; MA, University of North Carolina; PhD, Northwestern University
Professor of History on the Eloise Ellery Chair
BA, College of William and Mary; MA, PhD, University of Virginia
Professor of History on the Marion Musser Lloyd '32 Chair
BA, Millersville University of Pennsylvania; PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Professor of History on the Lucy Maynard Salmon Chair
BA, Lawrence University; BA, University of Oxford; MA, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
Professor of History
BA, Vassar College; MA, PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington
Associate Director of the Libraries for Special Collections and Adjunct Associate Professor of History on the Frederick Weyerhaeuser Chair
BA, Boston College; MLS, Simmons College; MA, University of Connecticut; PhD, Boston College
Associate Professor of History
BA, The Evergreen State College; MA, PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington
Professor of History
BA, University of Ghana; MA, Wilfrid Laurier University; PhD, McGill University
Professor of History and Director of Independent Program
BA, University of Chicago; MA, PhD, New York University
Assistant Professor of History
BA, Carleton College; MA, PhD, Princeton University