Why study history at Vassar? Knowledge of history opens a window onto the past, helping us comprehend the complexities of life in remote and recent periods. At the same time history provides a vital perspective on current events and issues, illuminating the impact of the past on the world today.

The study of history at Vassar develops a range of skills that can be applied not only to further study but also to a wide variety of careers. Students learn how to track down reliable sources of information, then how to make sense of complex documents and varying viewpoints. In an age of information overload, these tools are more essential than ever. Read more


Headshot of Ashanti Shih

Ashanti Shih, Assistant Professor of History, is a 2023 Sinnott Award recipient. Ashanti’s scholarly work, which brings issues of race and indigeneity into dialogue with histories of science and environment, will focus on the colonial histories and legacies of the Arboretum’s vast collections of temperate woody plants from North America and East Asia.

Protestors in front of the Supreme Court on May 3, after a leaked draft opinion showed the court was preparing to overturn Roe v. Wade and push women's rights back by half a century.

One retired and two current Vassar professors hosted a webinar on June 29 to discuss the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision.