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The Alumnae/i Association of Vassar College (AAVC) Awards Program was inaugurated in 2001 to recognize alums who have made significant contributions to the vitality and success of the College and AAVC.

Distinguished Achievement Award

The Distinguished Achievement Award is presented to an alum who has reached the highest level in their professional field. While demonstrating exceptional talent, application, creativity, and skill within a certain career, this individual should exemplify the ideals of a liberal arts education and have used their position of visibility, power, or leadership to better the human community and serve the wider goals of society.

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2023 Recipient

Sau Lan Wu ’63

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Outstanding Service to Vassar College Award

The Outstanding Service Award is presented to an alum in recognition of their extraordinary commitment, leadership, and service in promoting the goals and highest interests of Vassar College and the AAVC. The award honors outstanding contributions made over a number of years in any or all of these volunteer capacities: class, club, and committee activities; fundraising; enriching campus life; or stewardship as board members, trustees, or donors. Outstanding Service Award winners are ambassadors on behalf of Vassar College to the alums and to the larger community.

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2024 Recipient

Stephanie M. Hyacinth ’84

Spirit of Vassar Award

The Spirit of Vassar Award is presented to an alum who has demonstrated extraordinary and distinguished leadership, contribution, and commitment to serving a community in which they effect positive, transformative societal change. This contribution may have been made through the recipient’s career, community work, or volunteer service. The award recognizes the values of service and civic responsibility that are fundamental to a Vassar education.

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2023 Recipient

Pamela Harris ’92

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Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award

The Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award is presented to a faculty or staff member who has demonstrated exemplary service, leadership, and commitment to engage with alums and current students through a range of programs, initiatives, and activities over a period of years.

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2023 Recipient

Abigail Baird ’91

Professor of Psychological Science on the Arnhold Family Chair

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Young Alum Achievement or Service Award

The Young Alum Achievement or Service Award is presented to an alum recognized for either their extraordinary service to Vassar in any aspect of engagement or for their exceptional personal and professional achievement(s) within their respective field. As a graduate within the last 10 years, the recipient should be inspirational to their peers and the current student body, while exemplifying the fruits of a successful liberal arts education at Vassar.

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2023 Recipient

Priya Nair ’15

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