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Every Alum. Any Amount. Every Year.

A gift at any level is key to sustaining Vassar.

Vassar Fund dollars are crucial to the long-term success of the College and provide an important source of flexible and spendable revenue that has an immediate impact on today’s students, faculty, and programs. The support of the alum community helps the College remain strong and resilient throughout each year. Your philanthropic contributions support research programs, upgrades in classrooms and residence halls, tuition assistance, career education, and so much more.


5 Reasons to Consider Participating

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1 - Participation Gifts Add Up

Annual gifts (even at very modest levels) can have just as much impact as major gifts when they are pooled together. For example, multiple gifts from many donors totaling $50,000 can have the same financial effect as the payout from a $1 million endowment gift in a given year.

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2 - Keeping Vassar on Top

Alum participation is one factor used when evaluating and ranking colleges and universities. Rankings can affect reputation, reputation can affect enrollment, and enrollment can affect revenue from tuition. Additionally, think of a diploma as if it were a stock certificate. As the quality of the institution grows, so does the value of your degree!

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3 - Influencing Others

People want to give to a winning cause. Your participation can influence major donors, corporations, and foundations when they’re considering their own investments. They want to give to institutions that you find worthy of supporting.

Exterior View of the The Bridge for Laboratory Sciences building on Vassar Campus

4 - Preserving Vassar’s Future

Alums giving helps Vassar establish a broad and diverse base of financial support that provides a safeguard for future uncertainties. Your help is critical in protecting Vassar and its stakeholders.

Plaque in front of the Shakespear Garden on Vassar Campus

5 - Leading by Example

Echoing Vassar’s commitment to philanthropy and service, your participation shows the current student body the importance of giving through programs like the Generation Vassar Challenge. Your commitment to Vassar and its future is also an important example to set for prospective students and encourages young alums to give. Ultimately, it just feels good to continue to give back to the community that helped to shape your experience as a student.


Reverse the 10-Year Trend

In 2021, we saw an encouraging shift upwards as a result of the Generation Vassar participation challenge and we are so grateful that many of you answered the call. We need your help now more than ever to keep up the momentum and continue this upward trend!

A graph of the Vassar Fund alums participation rate for each fiscal year. In the 2010 fiscal year, 42% of alums participated.
In the 2011 fiscal year, 43% of alums participated.
In the 2012 fiscal year, 41% of alums participated.
In the 2013 fiscal year, 41% of alums participated.
In the 2014 fiscal year, 32% of alums participated.
In the 2015 fiscal year, 32% of alums participated.
In the 2016 fiscal year, 24% of alums participated.
In the 2017 fiscal year, 26% of alums participated.
In the 2018 fiscal year, 28% of alums participated.
In the 2019 fiscal year, 27% of alums participated.
In the 2020 fiscal year, 20% of alums participated.
In the 2021 fiscal year, 25% of alums participated.
In the 2022 fiscal year, 25% of alums participated.
In the 2023 fiscal year, 27% of alums are expected to participate.

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