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Class of 1972 Vassar Reunion Event
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Alums have been entrepreneurial community builders since the Alumnae/i Association (AAVC) was founded in 1871.

Most everyone is familiar with Classes, which focus on building and maintaining community between classmates and peers. Vassar Clubs focus on building communities where people live and work, while Multicultural and Affinity Groups focus on strengthening ties among alums who share identities or undergraduate activities, such as athletic teams and singing groups.

People holding up Vassar Class of 1982 Banner at Reunion.

Vassar Classes

Everyone who matriculates at Vassar is a member of a Vassar Class. Classes plan reunions and mini-reunions, manage social media pages, reach out to one another about supporting the College, and enjoy each other’s updates in the Class Notes section of the Vassar Quarterly magazine. Classes last for a lifetime and represent the largest organizing alums community.

If you are interested in participating in Class activities, reach out to Diana Jedlicka at or (845) 437-5398.

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Vassar Clubs

Vassar Clubs serve as a catalyst to bring together the more than 41,000 Vassar alums around the world, fostering lasting connections beyond the College’s gates.

If you are interested in participating in Club activities or starting a Club, reach out to Cheryl McKeever at or (845) 437-5408.

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Multicultural and Affinity Groups

Multicultural and affinity groups strengthen alum communities that center around shared experiences, activities, and identities. These communities include athletic teams, singing groups, LGBTQ+, ALANA orgs, veterans, and First-Gen alums.

If you are interested in participating in multicultural and affinity groups, reach out to Sharon Parkinson at or (845) 437-5515.

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