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Grants & Fellowships

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Grants & Fellowships

Highlighted below are a few of the grants and fellowships available to Vassar alums. For more information on these and other grants and fellowships, contact the Center for Career Education and visit the Fellowships website.

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Time Out Grant

Over 30 years ago, a generous anonymous alum established the Time Out Grant to provide fellow alums the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives. The Time Out Grant funds endeavors that are bold, innovative, and impactful. Through the decades, Vassar graduates have used this grant as a catalyst to step out of their comfort zone and create groundbreaking change.

Learn more about the Time Out Grant
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The Ann Cornelisen Fellowship

For Graduating Seniors and Recent Alums

This fellowship provides up to $18,000 to graduates who wish to study a current spoken language in any country outside of the United States, preferably in conjunction with an interest in sociology, diplomatic service, or international law. Applicants will ordinarily be enrolled in a formal foreign language program, though they need not have studied the language previously.

Learn more about the Ann Cornelisen Fellowship
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Nationally Competitive Fellowships

Vassar also supports alums who wish to apply to a variety of nationally competitive fellowships that require institutional endorsement or a campus process, including the following:

Learn more about deadlines for these opportunities

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The Maguire Fellowship

For Study Abroad After Graduation

Intended for recent graduates wishing to pursue their interest in the humanities abroad, this fellowship awards up to $25,000 to graduates with a well-developed proposal of study with a clear academic focus. Evidence of sufficient language skills and academic preparation to successfully undertake the proposed study must be presented as well as a clear articulation of how the Fellowship will further one’s future objectives.

Learn more about the Maguire Fellowship
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Vassar Fellowships for Graduate Study

Intended for the pursuit of graduate study. Some awards are restricted to graduating seniors and recent graduates, others are restricted by field of study. View a list of awards.

Learn more about Vassar Fellowships for Graduate Study
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The Vassar W.K. Rose Fellowship in the Creative Arts

Intended to provide a worthy young artist a minimum of $45,000 and the chance to be free after college to get on with their work as an artist, the Rose Fellowship is available to artists in the fields of writing, visual arts (including film), and music composition. Applicants must have demonstrated a creative talent during undergraduate study, must not be employed by the College, must not have attained substantial recognition in their field, and be under the age of 36. This fellowship is not intended for graduate study.

Learn more about the W.K. Rose Fellowship

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