Amy Gurley P ’26

Austin, TX

A person with long blond hair and a dark shirt smiles at the viewer. The person is outside on a sunny day, standing in front of trees and a house.

Amy Gurley, a graduate of Fordham University, and her husband Bill are parents of Ava Gurley, a member of Vassar’s class of 2026.

Amy worked in banking and equity research in Dallas and New York and later moved to San Francisco, where she worked as a new media analyst. She also has worked in marketing at and later as a marketing consultant for various start-ups.

Since starting a family, Amy has supported and engaged in extensive community volunteer efforts in California for schools, the elderly, and hunger relief. She has served on the boards of Opportunity Fund of Northern California, which supports small businesses and invests in underserved communities, and Windmill School, where she led a long-term planning team that acquired a property and built a new school. She is currently serving on the Advisory Board at Opportunity Fund and is working as an executive producer of a pending television series. She also is working with other volunteers to create a Czech history museum in Ennis, TX and is engaged in a community project for Sokol, a community and gymnastics organization for youth.

Before recently moving to Texas from Silicon Valley, Amy and Bill joined in supporting Second Harvest of Silicon Valley’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Feeding Families.