Eric H. Beringause ’80

AB, MBA; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A person with short gray hair, glasses, and a green checkered shirt smiles at the viewer.

Eric Beringause graduated from Vassar College in 1980 with a double major in Anthropology and Sociology and received Departmental and General Honors. He also holds an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management with a concentration in Finance and Marketing. He has over thirty five years of experience in the Food, Beverage and Packaging industries, including at such well-known companies as Nestle, Nabisco and Alcoa. Most recently Eric has been the CEO of Gehl Foods, LLC, a leading manufacturer of dairy based sauces and beverages, headquartered in Wisconsin. He serves on the Board of CP Kelco, LLC.

My six-word story:

“Always curious, always thinking, always adventurous.”

For the past ten years Eric has supported Vassar’s Exploring Transfer program, with a focus on Native American participants. He has also funded a scholarship at Cornell University, targeting Vassar College graduates seeking graduate management degrees. Eric also is major supporter of the Student Conservation Association, having set up the first program for Native American participants. Eric has a daughter, Mary, currently attending Hamilton College, as well as two younger boys, Nine and Dane.