Auditions (and production interviews) are held during the Pre-Registration period in the semester prior to productions to facilitate the enrollment process and to avoid course over-load.

Each season the Drama Department produces 6–8 productions, allowing for opportunities in Acting, Directing, Stage Management, Design (Costume, Set, Lights, Sound), Dramaturgy. There are also opportunities in costume construction, set and prop building, light hanging, and rigging. Collectively, we refer to all these roles as Production Assignments. All assignments are done for credit under various course numbers including DRA 200, DRA 390, and DRA 391.

Participation in production usually requires students to have taken (or concurrently enrolled in) DRAM 102 and DRAM 103. An exception to the prerequisites exists for students who are non-majors and want to participate in a Drama Department projection on a single occasion. You do not need to be a declared Drama Major to participate in departmental productions.