Science, Technology and Society Program

Assistant Professor of Economics
BS, Johns Hopkins University; MPH, Columbia University; PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

Applied Microeconomics
Health Economics
Labor Economics

Professor of Psychological Science on the Arnhold Family Chair
BA, Vassar College; MA, Boston University; MA, PhD, Harvard University
Assistant Professor of Biology
BS, Clemson University; MA, Brown University; MPH, Harvard University; PhD, Brown University

Epidemiology and public health
Cardiovascular physiology
Arterial stiffness and vascular hemodynamics
Target organ damage
Vascular brain injury

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Science, Technology and Society
BS, Yale University; MA, Columbia University; MA, Harvard University, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University
Associate Professor of Biology and the Pauline Newman Director of Science, Technology, and Society
BS, University of Calgary; PhD, Saint Louis University
Associate Professor of Economics
BS, MES, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MA, PhD, Stanford University

Applied Microeconomics
Behavioral and Experimental Economics
Environmental and Energy Economics
Political Economy
Labor Economics

Associate Professor of Philosophy
BA, Carleton University; PhD, Boston University
Associate Professor of Biology and Director of Biochemistry
BA, Luther College; PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Genetic Engineering
Stem Cell Biology

Professor of Biology and Cognitive Science on the John Guy Vassar Chair
BA, College of the Atlantic; PhD, Duke University


Adjunct Associate Professor of English
BA, MA, Northwestern University
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
BA, Trinity College; MA, PhD, Emory University
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
BA, Brown University; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Associate Professor of Physics and Science, Technology and Society
BS, MA, PhD, University of Rochester
Professor of Biology
BS, Stonehill College; MS, PhD, University of Rochester

Cell Biology
Reproductive Bioethics

Professor of Chemistry on the Mary Landon Sague Chair
BA, CUNY Hunter College; MA, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

X-ray crystallography of biologically active compounds

Assistant Professor of Political Science
BA, MA, Université de Rennes 1; PhD, University of Massachusetts

Political Theory; Feminist Theory; New Materialisms; Environmental Political Theory (EPT); The Nonhuman, the Posthuman; Queer and Feminist Ecologies; Environmentalism

Professor of Religion
BA, University of California-Davis; MA, MTS, PhD, Harvard University