Jose G. Perillan

Associate Professor of Physics and Science, Technology and Society and the Pauline Newman Director of Science, Technology, and Society

José Perillán is a joint appointment in the Physics and Astronomy Department and the Science, Technology, & Society (STS) Program. Thus far, Jose has taught the introductory Physics 113-114 series, a cross-listed Physics-STS 105 course (20th Century Revolutions in Physics) and a variety of STS courses including the core theories course, STS 200 (Conceptualizing STS: Theories and Practice), STS 280 (Albert Einstein), and STS 340 (Great Scientific Controversies in Context). In future semesters he looks forward to adding intermediate and advanced courses in the physics curriculum to this list, in particular, Physics 200 (Modern Physics), Physics 245 (Stat-Mech/Thermodynamics), and Physics 320 (Quantum Mechanics I).

BS, MA, PhD, University of Rochester
At Vassar since 2013


Sanders Physics
Box 622


PHYS 320 Quantum Mechanics I


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José G. Perillán
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