American Studies
Multidisciplinary Program

American Studies offers students an opportunity to engage the society, culture, institutions, and mores of the United States from a variety of perspectives and through the methodologies of different intellectual disciplines. Because of the social diversity of Americans, the study of American culture necessarily involves consideration of many cultures and must ask how this diversity coexists with a national identity; therefore, all courses incorporate multiple examinations of race, ethnicity, class and gender in America. Study of the subject matter is multidisciplinary and most courses are team-taught. Majors create their own courses of study and undertake a year-long thesis or project during the senior year.

Dean of the College
BA, University of Colorado; MA, PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara
Associate Dean of the Faculty and Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies
BA, Davidson College; MA, New York University; PhD, University of Chicago
Instructor in American Studies and Asian Studies
Professor of Art and Director of American Studies on the Sarah Gibson Blanding Chair
BA, Dartmouth College; PhD, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Professor of Psychological Science
BA, University of Florida; MS, PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Professor of English on the Jean Webster Chair
BA, Pennsylvania State University; MA, PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
Assistant Professor of Economics
BA, The University of Montana; MA, PhD, University of Colorado
Professor of Religion
AB, Princeton University; MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University
Associate Professor and Chair of Education
BFA, Pratt Institute; MS, Long Island University; PhD, SUNY at Albany
Professor of English
BA, University of San Diego; MFA, Mills College; PhD, University of California-Davis
Associate Professor of Music
BM, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; MM, The Boston Conservatory; MM, PhD, The University of Texas at Austin
Associate Professor of English
BA, University of Miami; MA, PhD, Columbia University
Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Latin American and Latinx Studies
BA, University of California-San Diego; MA, PhD, University of California-Berkeley
Associate Professor of English
BA, University of Virginia; MA, Boston College; MA, Xavier University; PhD, Indiana University-Bloomington