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On Mattering: Voices from the Movement and Beyond

On Mattering

This series is a response to the groundswell of uprising for black lives this summer and represents a collaboration amongst faculty teaching courses on activism and racial justice across Vassar’s curriculum: Professor Jasmine Syedullah’s AFRS 220, Policing the Planet; Professor Syedullah and Professor Jonathan Kahn’s AFRS 186 On Mattering; Eva Woods Peiro’s CLCS 121 Anti-Racist Learning and Activism; and Katherine Hite and Jeffrey Schneider’s CLCS 281 Local Legal Challenges.

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Previous Lectures

Spotlight on Local Organizing: BLM HV and ENJAN - Earl Jones, Jeff Schneider, and Rae Leiner
Beyond Racism: Anti-Blackness of the Human and the Social - João Costa Vargas
Memorializing and Archiving the Past for an Antiracist Future - Molly McGlennen and Carmen McGill
Policing and Resistance in Puerto Rico - Marisol LeBrón
“No Matter How Many Times You Study Me It Doesn’t Give Me a Home”  poster
Trans Abolitionists Dismantling Campus Carceral Logics - Saige Jalida and Alisha Kohn, Queers for Justice, Newburgh LGBTQ Center
Conspiritorial Politics poster
"We are More than Hashtags and Bodybags" poster
On Mattering: Voices from the Beyond
Trope of Awkwardness poster
Anti-racism poster
Decolonial Feminism in the age of Racial Neoliberal Capitalism - Françoise Vergés
Aishah Simmons poster
A Savvy People - Romer
"They Builded Better Than They Knew" - Toivo Asheeke
Ashley Fent poster
Making Mirrors - Writing/Righting by and for Refugees