Courses & Requirements

Read the Africana Studies academic requirements and courses in the Vassar College Catalogue.

Study Abroad

In addition to its offerings on the Vassar campus, and a major and a correlate sequence, the program also has opportunities for study at American historically black institutions and for foreign study in Africa and the Caribbean through the College’s study abroad options.

To see the schedule of classes, go to Ask Banner Schedule of Classes, select AFRS Africana Studies in the “Department Menu,” and choose the semester you are interested in for a complete listing of courses offered.

Academic requirements and courses are listed in the Vassar College Catalogue.

Student Research and Travel Grants

The Africana Studies Program offers research and travel grants of up to $500 per academic year to majors in Africana Studies. Research funds may be used to support travel and/or the purchase of books, supplies and materials related to preliminary or ongoing thesis research. Funds may also be used to travel to conferences to present a paper or poster.

To apply for funding, Africana Studies Program majors should write a 1–2 page research proposal, indicate the name of the Africana Studies faculty member who is advising the research, and provide a detailed budget outlining the proposed usage of the funds. Email this proposal to Primavera Ward. We strongly encourage you to consult with your Africana Studies advisor as you prepare your proposal.

Completed applications will be reviewed twice a year; submission deadlines are November 30, 2021, and April 5, 2022.

*Grants cannot be used for expenses already incurred.


  • Africana Studies Major

Correlate Sequences

  • Africana Studies Correlate Sequence
  • Arabic Language and Culture Correlate Sequence
  • Prison Studies Correlate Sequence