To apply for special permission for a Swedish course, contact the SILP Director, Silke von der Emde (vonderemde@vassar.edu) during spring pre-registration.

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Beginning Swedish (SWED 105-106)

This course introduces students to the basic grammatical structures of Swedish to acquire conversational skills. Students learn to communicate and navigate day-to-day situations in this very practical approach to language learning; there is also a strong focus on pronunciation and cultural topics.

Intermediate Swedish (SWED 210-211)

This course continues grammatical instruction to an intermediate level and is structured around cultural themes of modern Sweden, while also addressing Swedish customs and traditions. Students practice patterns through communicative activities and exercises to gain fluency and spontaneity in conversations. In reading and writing, students achieve competence in dealing with both concrete and abstract topics.

Advanced Swedish (SWED 310; 311)

Students with an advanced knowledge of Swedish refine their language skills and broaden their cultural and literary understanding through reading, writing, and oral communication.

Tutor: Maria Jansdotter Farr

Examiner: Timothy Warburton, University of Washington