To apply for special permission for a Swahili course, contact the SILP Director, Silke von der Emde (vonderemde@vassar.edu) during spring pre-registration.

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Beginning Swahili (SWAH 105-106)

Beginning Swahili is an introduction to conversational and grammatical patterns of Swahili (Kiswahili) for students with no or little previous knowledge of the language. Students acquire a basic level of communication in Swahili and are introduced to fundamental grammatical structures. The focus lies on listening and speaking skills to express simple ideas and maintain a rudimentary conversation about everyday life, likes, and dislikes, locations, attributes, etc.

Intermediate Swahili (SWAH 210-211)

This course is the continuation of Beginning Swahili and completes the understanding of basic grammatical structures. Communication skills are expanded and refined to include cultural topics.

Advanced Swahili (SWAH 310, 311)

Students with an advanced knowledge of Swahili refine their language skills and broaden their cultural and literary understanding through reading, writing, and oral communication.

Tutor: Connie Ndonye

Examiner: Agnes Kimokoti, Amherst College