To apply for special permission for a Portuguese course, contact the SILP Director, Silke von der Emde (vonderemde@vassar.edu) during spring pre-registration.

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Beginning Portuguese (PORT 105-106)

This course introduces students to the basic structures of Brazilian Portuguese with a focus on an active, situational method of practicing comprehension and colloquial conversation. Students learn to communicate about everyday situations, as well as aspects of Brazil’s cultural history and geography.

Intermediate Portuguese (PORT 210-211)

This course builds on Beginning Portuguese and increases proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students complete their understanding of main grammatical structures and expand their exploration of Brazilian culture.

Advanced Portuguese (PORT 310, 311)

Students with an advanced knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese refine their language skills and broaden their cultural and literary understanding through reading, writing, and oral communication.

Tutor: Milene Olmo

Examiner: Jurandir Oliveira, Cornell University