American Sign Language

To apply for special permission for an ASL course, contact the SILP Coordinator, Lioba Gerhardi (ligerhardi@vassar.eduprior to spring pre-registration. Beginning ASL courses are not open to first-year students.

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Beginning ASL (ASL 105-106)

Course Objectives

  • Acquire an introductory level of sign vocabulary
  • Gain a basic understanding of ASL grammar & sentence structure
  • Learn both formal & informal registers in ASL
  • Gain a basic understanding of the Deaf Community and Culture

Intermediate ASL (ASL 210-211)

Course Objectives

  • Review and expand practice of key grammar
  • Expand vocabulary and range of topics
  • Increase narrative and conversational fluency
  • Compare aspects of ASL and English through translation
  • Compare aspects of Deaf culture, American culture and your own culture
  • Understand your role as an ASL student in the Deaf community

Tutor: Tracey Fotos Champion

Examiner: Leisa Boling, Rochester Institute of Technology