’99 Wind Energy Developer

In my work as a wind energy developer, I use many of the lessons taught to me in the STS program at Vassar. Lessons about how human behavior drives development of science have helped me more effectively manage all scientists and engineers that are required to build a wind farm. The STS program at Vassar helped me understand that people are behind science and helping scientists and engineers communicate, even when I am not one, has been an invaluable skill.  

The STS program also offered me the flexibility to expand beyond STS and tailor a program that worked for me. During my work with the STS program, I was able to weave some Education courses into my studies. Those Education courses guided my early work for the PBS series NOVA, and are still relevant to the work I do today. Much of my job is educating people about wind power. The flexibility of the STS program allowed me to strengthen my skills in education, and now I can more effectively educate people about the benefits of renewable energy.