’03 Hedge Fund Due Diligence Officer

I am currently an associate director of due diligence and research at a commodities based fund of hedge funds. Overall, I am very happy with my major because it has enabled me to be more open-minded and relate to all kinds of people in a dynamic way. My senior thesis studied which healthcare system would be beneficial for the Australian Aboriginals. No other major would have allowed me to become so passionate about a people and their issues. I was able to talk to many people about my research and through it, became more interested in travel and indigenous cultures.

I truly believe that the multidisciplinary aspect of my STS major helped me think outside of the box and showed me how all aspects of society are interconnected. Through my science courses, I was able to learn how to do research and think quantitatively. Through my English courses, I analyzed qualitatively and through my economics and math courses, I was able to understand logic and the business world.