’79 Senior Project Manager in Global Technology

Following graduation, I moved to Houston, TX where I was employed by British Petroleum in the technology organization. I traveled a great deal for BP, primarily in Alaska where they had a majority interest in the Prudhoe Bay oil field. I developed the first natural gas trading system for BP when natural gas was deregulated by the FERC in the 80s. This was the beginning of my long experience with trading platforms. I also attended graduate school at the University of Houston during that time and studied mathematics and computer science.

Today I am the Vice President and Sr. Project Manager in Global Technology in an investment bank. I am responsible for designing and developing global electronic trading platforms for the trading of equity securities.

STS provided me the unique ability to analyze historical and recent technical innovations and assess the forward impact on the marketplace, business world, and society in general. When I left Vassar, the computing age was in its early childhood. I was fortunate in having the opportunity to participate and sometimes mold the next generations of computing in two critical sectors—Energy and Wall St.

My life is influenced by STS every day both on a business and personal level. On a business level, I am inventing and applying computer technology that has a profound impact on globalization and emerging markets/countries. On a personal level, I use STS to guide my professional life and elevate the human aspect—what is the impact on the individual and society in what I do and how can I contribute to a better world through what I do in my professional life.