’91 Licensed Acupuncturist

If I could go back in time, I definitely would have started my time at Vassar as an STS major, rather than changing to it later on. As it was, the variety of science classes that I took as an STS major stood me in very good stead when I graduated, allowing me to find a laboratory job in the biotech industry fairly quickly. The analytical skills that were the underpinning of so many classes at Vassar were very valuable not only for that first job but for all of the life that has come after. When I decided upon a career change to alternative medicine my STS degree really began to come in handy. Having spent time studying the history and development of science and medicine made the transition from Western scientist to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner feel smooth. I felt as though it was much easier to grasp some of the conceptual differences and points of view between TCM and Western medicine thanks to my STS background. I am currently a Licensed Acupuncturist in private practice.