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Transfer / Exchange / Visiting Students



For answers to frequently asked questions, visit Transfer / Exchange / Visiting Student FAQ, or email Pauline Saavedra, Assistant Dean of Studies, at

As soon as possible

In mid-June, the Office of Admission will mail a matriculation packet to you. This packet will contain paper copies of certain forms (though all forms included in the packet are available on this website as downloadable PDFs), as well as instructions for how to activate your Vassar account. You will need your login credentials to complete many of the tasks listed below.

  • Set up your Vassar email. Your Vassar username and activation code, as well as instructions on activating your Vassar Account, are available in your status portal. Your Vassar email account can be accessed at or from any Google login prompt; log in with your full email address and password. Your email address will be your username followed by (i.e, For more information, please visit the Computing, IDs & Phones FAQ. If you have questions or require assistance, you may contact the CIS Service Desk at or call (845) 437-7224 during normal business hours.
  • Request a copy of your most-recent transcripts to be sent to the Vassar College Office of Admission. We need an official copy of your transcript, including the most recent semester’s grades, on file at Vassar to finalize registration for first-semester courses and to receive transfer credits. All final transcripts should be sent to Office of Admissions.
  • If you have AP and/or IB credit, request that a copy of the transcript from the original testing service be sent to Vassar College, Office of the Dean of Studies, as soon as possible. See the section on “Pre-Matriculation Credits” for the addresses of the testing services and more information.
  • If you are requesting disability accommodations, you must return the Student Accessibility Form to the Office for Accessibility and Educational Opportunity—this self-disclosure form officially registers you with the Office for Accessibility and Educational Opportunity. More information.
    Deadline: June 15.
  • Complete the New Student Biography Form as soon as possible. This form will require information from your parents/guardians.
    Deadline: July 1.
  • Schedule an appointment with your physician and complete and return the Medical Form to the Office of Health Services as soon as possible. Be sure to include ALL required signatures (student, parent/guardian, and physician).
    Deadline: July 1.


  • Fill out your Housing Application. Complete the housing form thoughtfully and honestly so that the staff in the Residential Life Office can select the most appropriate housing arrangement and roommate for you.
    Deadline: June 10.
  • Submit a photo for your Vassar ID Card. The photo must be an accurate representation of what you currently look like. A full-color, shoulders-and-above photo is required, and hats, sunglasses, or anything obscuring your face is prohibited.
    Deadline: June 30.
  • Pre-register for your fall semester classes, using the Vassar College Catalogue to read course descriptions and using the Schedule of Classes to plan your course schedule for the fall semester. See the section on “Registration and Advising” for special instructions for transfer students. Please note that you do not need to know the amount of transfer credit you will receive in order to pre-register.
    Deadline: July 5.


  • Complete the Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates and AlcoholEdu for College online courses that you received in your email on July 12, 2019. These courses will provide critical information and resources about alcohol/substance use or misuse and sexual assault/interpersonal violence. Deadline: July 31
  • Fill out the Religious Interest Form. Whether or not you consider yourself to be religious, please fill out the form as it helps the college better serve the needs of our students.
    Deadline: July 31
  • Deposit funds to your VCash Account.


  • If you are an international transfer student, arrive for International Orientation on August 22, 2019. All others are expected to arrive for New Student Orientation on August 26, 2019. There will be a special meeting for transfer, visiting, and exchange students during Orientation. See the sections on “Arrival Information” and “Orientation Schedule” for details.

Arrival Information

First-year students are expected to arrive on campus on Monday, August 26, 2019. See also, New Student Orientation.

Arrival Schedule

8:00am–1:00pm: Move-In & Check-In

The residential houses will be open for move-in starting at 8am, and all students are expected to have completed the check-in process by around 1pm. It can take several hours to move in and check in, so plan accordingly.

There will be parking at each house and security officers stationed across campus to point people in the right direction. To keep traffic moving, we ask that you drop off your belongings in front of your house and then have the driver of your vehicle move to the parking area. There will be many enthusiastic volunteers on hand to help you carry your things to your room.

If you shipped your belongings to campus, you can pick them up at the Central Receiving warehouse between 8:30am and 4:30pm. The warehouse is located in the Facilities Operations Services Center in the South Parking Lot.

After you have moved all of your belongings into your room, you will come to Main Building for the check-in process. This is where you will receive your Orientation packet (including the name of your pre-major advisor), your Vassar ID card, and your mailbox key. If you have any problems or questions about financial aid, residential life, student accounts, or anything else, the check-in staff will be happy to assist you.

2:00–3:00pm: Student Fellow Group Meeting & President’s Welcome

After check-in has concluded, you will return to your house to meet your Student Fellows, House Advisors, and House Teams. Your families and friends are invited to attend a 2pm reception in the Chapel where they will be welcomed by Vassar administrators and deans, including Elizabeth Bradley, the president of the college.

3:00–4:00pm: Reception for Students, Family, and Friends

Families, friends, and students are invited to an outdoor reception on the library lawn.

4:00–4:30pm: Class Photo

Official group photograph of the Class of 2023 and new transfer students on the chapel lawn.

4:30–5:30pm: Family & Friends Farewell

Students and families say goodbye at the residential houses, and New Student Orientation begins.

Pre-Matriculation Credit

Transfer Credit

The Office of the Dean of Studies oversees all aspects of the student academic experience and accordingly is responsible for evaluating students’ previous course work for transfer credit. To evaluate a transcript for transfer credit, the dean’s office must have an official transcript from all of the previous institutions the student has attended, including an official transcript of the most recent semester’s grades.

The maximum number of transfer units allowed is 16. Non-liberal arts, pre-professional, physical education, independent courses, field work courses, online courses, and courses done at unaccredited institutions do not transfer. Also, courses not of a sufficiently high level (e.g., math courses below calculus) will not transfer, nor will courses graded lower than a “C.”

AP and IB Credit

AP and IB credit will be issued only upon receipt of the original testing service transcript. Scores of 4 or 5 on AP exams are eligible for 1 unit of credit. Scores of 5, 6, or 7 on Higher-Level International Baccalaureate exams are awarded 1 unit of credit. A maximum of 2 units of credit may be awarded for AP or IB credit.

If you wish to request a transcript, please contact Advanced Placement Services or IB Americas Global Centre.

Registration and Advising

We strongly recommend that you pre-register for courses before arriving at Vassar. Courses sometimes fill up quickly, so please make your selections as soon as possible. Your selections can be revised after you arrive at Vassar during the add/drop period starting on the first day of classes.

Once the assistant dean has received your official transcript, including spring grades, she will send you an assessment of your transfer credits/units. Please note that this may change if and when she receives official AP, IB, and/or A-Level transcripts. You do not need to know the total number of transfer units you will receive in order to pre-register.

During Orientation, you will meet with a pre-major advisor in the Dean of Studies Office who will help you finalize your registration.

Pre-Registration Instructions

To pre-register by July 5, follow these instructions:

  • To view course descriptions, please look at the “Vassar Catalogue.”
  • To review course availability, please look at the Schedule of Classes.
  • Click on a specific department title in the Schedule of Classes box for the most up-to-date course information on courses and enrollment status.
  • The yellow-shaded courses still have space available.
  • Using the Pre-Registration for New Transfer, Visiting, and Exchange Students form, fill in your course selections—up to five in order of preference—and click on the "submit" button. Please note that it may not be possible for you to be registered in all of your selections.