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Pre-registration will begin on June 19th. You will receive more information soon about this process.

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International Students

Student Employment

Find a Job

  • Students apply for jobs online on Vassar’s JobX site. In early August we will email students more information and instructions for next steps.
  • JobX opens to students with work study awards in their financial aid packages in mid-August. All other students must wait until September 30th to access JobX and begin applying for jobs. Work study students are given priority in the hiring process.


  • In order to work on campus, you must complete an I-9 Form - a federal document that verifies a person's eligibility to work in the United States. This form requires you to provide original forms of identification when completing the form. List of acceptable documents. Please be sure to bring your original documents from home when you come to campus. Copies or photos of these documents will not be sufficient. You complete the I-9 in the Student Employment office once you’ve received a job offer.

Placement Tests

In many areas of study, students’ levels of preparation vary considerably. During Orientation, you will have an opportunity to confer with faculty in the foreign language departments and math and science departments to determine which courses are most appropriate for you. Several departments offer placement and proficiency exams during orientation and the first few days of classes. See the orientation schedule for more information and exam schedule.

The French and Francophone Studies Department offers an online placement test that you can take before you arrive.

Note: Students registering for their first course should first read Enrolling in Your First FFS Course.