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Dean Porcello and Professor Patch co-author Re-Making Sound

Thomas Porcello & Justin Patch

Thomas Porcello, Professor of Anthropology and Dean of Studies, and Justin Patch, Associate Professor of Music, are co-authors of Re-Making Sound: An Experiential Approach to Sound Studies, newly published by Bloomsbury Academic. Re-Making Sound guides readers through multiple ways of conceptualizing sound and its links to social phenomena, from soundscapes and noise to sound design and aural art.  Designed to be non-sequential for flexibility, its chapters summarize history and theoretical underpinnings of subject areas and include activities to concretize its concepts. “Porcello and Patch have crafted a thoughtful, wide-ranging, and ear-opening introduction to the broad and expansive field of sound studies,” observed David Novak, author and associate professor at UC Santa Barbara.   Re-making Sound creates a jumping-off point for students, teachers, and other readers interested in exploring the links between sound and society.”

February 16, 2022
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