Grants in Action

Celebrating Vassar’s Grants and Those Who Lead Them

Grants in Action highlights and celebrates the grant funding, principal investigators, project leadership, and external partnerships that enrich faculty research, institutional programs, and the student experience at Vassar. It serves as a dynamic companion to the Grants Office site, where grant policies and processes are maintained.

Grants in Action: Grand Challenges

As part of the Elevating the Student Voice symposium, the Grand Challenges team worked with graphic facilitator Sasha Brito, of Image Think who distilled concepts and ideas presented throughout the day, made connections between them, and captured them using visual representations—all in real time. Read more about the 3-day symposium.

Institutional Grants

Grants in Action features institutional or programmatic grants, which enrich college-wide programs and priorities and support areas such as curricular innovation, faculty development, capital improvements, or strengthening ties with our surrounding community.