The Farm

The Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve is located to the south of Vassar’s campus, across Hooker Avenue.  The northeastern portion of the property is designated as a multiple use area. It is home to a number of organizations including the Environmental Cooperative at the Vassar Barns, the Hudson Valley Corps of the Student Conservation Association, Community Gardens, and the Poughkeepsie Farm Project. This area is also used for athletics with both the Vassar Rugby and Cross Country team calling the farm home.

The remainder of the land is designated as a Field Station. The preserve comprises a multitude of habitats including streams, wetlands, ponds, forest, and old fields populated by a stunning diversity of flora and fauna. The 415 acre Vassar Ecological Preserve is an invaluable resource for Vassar faculty and students conducting scientific research. Visitors may also use the preserve by hiking, biking, and running on a network of marked trails, giving campus and community members access to one of the few remaining green spaces in Poughkeepsie.

The Ecological Preserve

The mission of the Vassar Ecological Preserve is to protect and preserve the ecological diversity of the land to ensure that its educational value will be maintained in perpetuity. The Vassar Ecological Preserve promotes increased understanding and appreciation of the natural systems on the preserve through field-based education and research.