“Perhaps the fact that I have begun, at age 78, to write a blog about sex education would make an interesting story for present English majors”

Susan Wilson ’51

An interesting story? Well, that, for those of you not English majors, would be an understatement! Since the late 1980s, Susan Wilson has been a sex educator who “as executive coordinator ran sex education blog ANSWER when it was called by the rather banal name of the Network for Family Life Education.” One recent posting speculates on the possibility that an openly gay man or lesbian will be elected president. Susan reports that her “first job out of college was at LIFE magazine” and that she has “always credited a course I took at college, Contemporary Press, taught by the indomitable Professor Helen Lockwood as the reason I got my foot in the Time-Life door. From writing promotion copy, I became a reporter/researcher for LIFE for almost five years.”