From Portrait of a Lady to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit via Beowulf and The Faerie Queene

Ken Storer ’92

Ken Storer’s full story (at least thus far) is linked here, but for now, it’s a joy just to sit back and listen to the erstwhile attorney become staff writer for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit talk about where a love of literature can take you:

“While at Vassar, I was incredibly proud to be an English major, because I saw it as the most demanding major offered. I still feel gratification when I think of the classes I took, the poetry I read, the novels I studied, the essays and creative pieces I somehow produced, the utterly mind-blowing lectures I heard and the discussions I had, both with professors and others…in and out of the classroom.

“Did I ever think I would end up writing for television when I was sitting in a classroom in Avery that smelled faintly of hay and manure on a damp day (yes, Avery, before everything changed and the department went chemical)? Not at all. I resolved never to leave New York City, where I lived for ten years after graduation. But you know what? I’ve never been happier. I love Los Angeles, I love my life, and I’ve never looked back. I love my job, and I am proud to have worked so hard for something that is very difficult to achieve.

“I still read tons—everything, poetry, biography, fiction, essays—anything I can get my hands on…Whatever I pick up, I know I will look at it with an excitement I feel every time I open something I’ve never read before, because it will take me on another portion of that journey that first began in 1987 when I first walked on campus and realized I was home.”