Got Talent?

Nancy Wolfson ’90

Nancy Wolfson, class of ’90, knows talent. In the years following her graduation from Vassar, Nancy entered the entertainment industry as a Hollywood talent agent. She has put her insider knowledge of the industry and skills as a talent agent to considerable use in her current career as a professional voice-over coach and owner of Braintracks Audio, advertised as “a logical approach to voice acting for advertising, narration, animation and more.” The various services that Nancy offers via include private and group voice-over coaching, demo production and voice casting. “I help talent—from beginners to working pros—find their ‘brand,’ the unique selling proposition of their own personal style and voice.” Among her recent and ongoing clients are VH-1, Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network.

A self-described teacher who “cracks the code” for beginners trying to “break-in,” Nancy’s phone coaching, lecture circuits, teleseminars and webcasts have taken her across the country, to all corners of the globe and into the nexus of cyberspace. Nancy resides in Brentwood, California.