Working Groups

Working Groups are the main engine of Engaged Pluralism. Working Groups are dedicated to a single topic or issue. Members of the Working Group meet regularly over the course of the semester to create and design projects that build community around the Working Group’s vision.

Featured Groups

A very large room with wood-paneled walls and windows. An event is taking place here. In the foreground, a person with glasses and black hair in two buns is writing on a whiteboard, they’re back to the viewer. The whiteboard has a handwritten title at the top reading “What should future founder’s days look like?” Below it are written suggestions in different handwriting. In the background, a group of people sit at a table.

Race & Racism in Historical Collections

The Race & Racism in Historical Collections Working Group was formed in Fall 2021 to work with the Vassar Library to describe, contextualize, and provide access to Vassar’s history, as represented in our historical collections, ethically and honestly.

A grid of photos. Each shows a student standing against a wall, smiling and holding a hand-lettered sign with a word on it. Words include “Exploration”, “Better Together”, “Collaboration”, and “Growth”.

Inclusive Pedagogies

The Inclusive Pedagogy and Curriculum working group envisions Vassar as a space where pedagogy can be holistically reimagined and where students might play a greater role in developing inclusive pedagogies with faculty partners.

A billboard stands in a wooded, sunlit area. The billboard displays several monochrome abstract images of hands. Below is the text “Artist: Finn Smith”, followed by “”.

Building Community Through the Arts

The Arts Working Group strives to foster more inclusive participation in the Arts at Vassar.