Bridging Campus and Local Communities

Bridging Campus and Local Communities works to invigorate our critical understanding and practice of community partnership.

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We meet every Friday from 12:30–2 p.m.

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We focus on reimagining our involvement with local communities as bidirectional, open, and integral to our liberal arts curriculum and to our development as critical global citizens. Through educational and extra-curricular programming, we build knowledge-producing partnerships rooted in empathy and standing against oppression.


Pathways to College

Pathways to College was held on October 27 and November 17, 2023. The 9th-grade class from Poughkeepsie High School visited to learn about the many paths to college and the diverse college experiences available. Read more.


“Joining the Bridging Campus and Local Communities Engaged Pluralism group was invaluable to me as a first year, and has shaped my entire experience in Poughkeepsie and at Vassar. Engaged Pluralism is a space where I’ve found a cross-section of people with shared commitments and values. It is through this cross-section of people that EP can be not only a space for sharing ideas, but a space for action. Vassar is full of people with great ideas, and the unique structure of EP facilitates making these ideas happen in thoughtful ways. When I bring an idea to my EP group, I’m supported by people with decades of experiences and deep relationships in both Poughkeepsie and Vassar. It is wonderful to be a part of a group that changes both my personal relationship to place and acts on our institutional commitments.”

Simon Lewis ’25