Senior Thesis

Writing a senior thesis is an excellent way to combine the knowledge and skills gained in four years of economics study into a single project. The thesis is particularly appropriate for students planning to attend graduate school or those intending to pursue any type of research position.

Students wanting to write a senior thesis should first discuss their interest with one or more of the professors in the department. All continuing faculty are eligible to advise senior theses. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain support from a faculty member as a thesis advisor before they will be allowed to register for the senior thesis. Samples of prior senior theses are available in the Economics Department Office.

Students writing a senior thesis will register for Senior Thesis Preparation (Econ 300) in the fall semester of their senior year and Senior Thesis (Econ 301) in the spring semester of their senior year. Econ theses are due on the first class day after Spring Break. As part of the thesis process, students will be asked to give a short presentation of their work, typically during study period.

Because of the amount of work involved in researching and writing a thesis, students may find it valuable to begin discussions with faculty in the spring semester of their junior year, but this is not necessary to complete a thesis.