AP and Study Abroad Credit

AP Credit Policy

Students who have successfully completed AP or IB exams may be allowed, after consultation with the chair of the Economics Department, to register for courses beyond the introductory level without taking the prerequisites. However, Econ 200, Econ 201, and Econ 203 are not open to first-year students. No credit is granted toward the major for AP or IB exams; even if students are granted exemption from introductory courses, they are still required to take 10 credits of graded work at Vassar to complete their major requirements.

Study Abroad Credit Policy

While the college routinely grants credit for courses taken while studying abroad, the Economics Department does not automatically grant credit toward the major for study abroad coursework. Students seeking credit for economics coursework completed at other accredited post-secondary schools should consult the chair of the Economics Department to discuss their individual situation. Students will be asked to provide information about the course, including institution where the course was taken, the level of the course, any prerequisites the course had, and a syllabus. In some cases, such as requesting 300-level credit for a course, students may also be asked to provide samples of work done for the course. Generally, students will not be granted more than one credit for work at the 300 level.

See also the Office of International Programs.