Declaring a Major

Students seeking to major in economics should follow these steps:

  1. A prospective major approaches a member of our faculty to serve as their major advisor. All faculty are eligible. Generally, faculty agree to serve. One might not if the faculty member is already advising many students.
  2. The advisor explains to the student how to fill out the Yellow Card (available to faculty as an Excel file on the Moodle for majors). Here are some key points to note:
    • The course choices are tentative and not binding. The point is for the student think through the requirements.
    • Fill out the card as though no study abroad will take place. But anticipate timing any study abroad plans with course timing. In particular, students should complete the core courses (Econ 102, 200, 201, and 203) before a study abroad.
    • The card must show at least 10 units, including Math 241 and 9 graded, classroom economics courses. Economics 120 or ungraded economics courses like field courses are not included in this total.
    • The card must also show at least two units at the 300-level. Students can take more than two 300 level units, but for study abroad planning, note that at least two of these courses must be taken at Vassar.
    • Show at least 8 units outside the social science division.
  3. The student submits a completed Yellow Card to the adviser and the advisor checks that all requirements for completing the major and for graduation are met.
  4. After thorough advising and successful completion of the Yellow Card, the student can request that a major declaration form is sent electronically to their advisor and the department chair. This request is made through the Registrar’s website.
  5. Following becoming a major, Jessica Brochu welcomes the student to the major,
    • enrolls the student in the Moodle for economics majors,
    • tracks the student’s progress through the major,
    • and records study abroad credits toward the major that have been approved by the chair.