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For Students

In the Urban Studies Program, the complexity of the city and the process of urbanization are examined from a multidisciplinary perspective. Students who choose to major in urban studies choose among courses in art and architecture, economics, education, geography, history, poligical science, and sociology.

“Introduction to Urban Studies” (URBS 100) exposes students to both classical arguments and recent debates in urban theory, using different disciplinary approaches to study the economic, political, social, and cultural phenomena that arise in urban contexts.

Students in urban studies aqre encouraged to gain practical as well as theoretical expertise through field work and independent projects. Urban studies majors have found careers in government, public administration, architecture, urban planning, teaching, human services, and many other related fields in which a multidisciplinary perspective is valued.

Courses and Requirements

Academic requirements and courses are available in the Vassar College Catalogue.


Correlate Sequence in Urban Studies