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Graduate Programs Attended by Recent Sociology Alumnae/i

Information was obtained from LinkedIn and Vassar's Alumnae/i Directory for alumnae/i majoring in Sociology (April 2017)

American Religious History, PhD, Princeton
Anthropology, MA, State University of Campinas - Brazil
Anthropology, MA., Columbia University
Applied Cultural Analysis, MA, University of Copenhagen
Applied Linguistics, MA, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Business Administration, MA, University of Chicago
Business, PhD, Columbia University
Climate and Society, MA, Columbia University
Clinical Psychology, MA, Columbia University Teachers College
Communications, MA, University of Southern California
Communications, MS, Boston University
Counseling Psychology, M.Ed., Cambridge College
Counseling, MA, Lehigh University
Creative Writing, MA, University of California - Berkeley
Creative Writing, MFA, Brooklyn College
Dance, MA, New York University
Digital Imaging & Design, MFA, Tulane University
Economics, MA, London School of Economics
Education, D.Ed., George Washington University
Education, MA, Harvard University
Education, MA, University of California - Berkeley
Education, PhD, University of Colorado
Educational Policy & Management, M.Ed., Harvard University
Educational Policy, M.Ed., Harvard University
Educational Policy, MA, University Wisconsin, Madison
Elementary Education, M.Ed., Mercy College
Environmental Management, MA, Yale University
Feminist Studies, PhD, University of Minnesota
Film, MFA, Stanford University
Finance, MBA, New York University
Fine and Studio Arts, MFA, University of Cincinnati
Fine Arts, MFA, The New School
Gender Studies, PhD, University of Washington
Health Policy & Management, MPH, Columbia University
Higher Education, M.Ed., University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Human Centered Design/Engineering, MS, University of Washington
Human Ecology, MA, University of Gastronomic Sciences - Pollenzo
Information was obtained from LinkedIn and Vassar's Alumni Directory for Vassar alums majoring in Sociology
International Affairs, MA, Tufts Univ - Fletcher School
International Economics & Southeast Asia Studies, MA, Johns Hopkins
Law, JD, Boston College
Law, JD, Boston University
Law, JD, Brooklyn Law School
Law, JD, Florida State University
Law, JD, George Washington Law School
Law, JD, Georgetown University Law School
Law, JD, Northeastern University
Law, JD, University of Montreal
Law, JD, University of Pennsylvania
Law, JD, University of Southern California
Law, JD, Yeshiva University
Management, MBA ,Golden Gate University
Marketing & Finance, MBA, Cornell University
Marketing & Sustainability, MBA, Atkinson Graduate School
Media Studies, MA, University California - Los Angeles
Media Studies, PhD, University California - Los Angeles
Medicine, MA, Albany Medical College
Medicine, MD, Boston University
Mental Health Counseling, MS, Fordham University
Nonprofit Administration, Certificate, University of Pennsylvania
Nonprofit Leadership and Management, MA, UC San Diego
Occupational Therapy, MS, Columbia University
Population & Family Health, MPH, Columbia University
Population, Family, & Reproduction, MS, Johns Hopkins
Pre-medicine, Certificate, Columbia University
Psychology, MA, New York University
Psychology, PhD, Stanford University
Public Administration, MA, Columbia University
Public Administration, MPA, CUNY Baruch College
Public Administration, MPA, SUNY University at Albany
Public Health, MA, University of California - Berkeley
Public Health, MPH, Columbia University
Public Health, MPH, Tel Aviv University
Public Health, MPH, University of Washington
Public Policy, MBA, Brandeis University
School Psychology, M.Ed., Columbia University Teachers College
Secondary Education, M.Ed., University of Alabama
Social Work - Clinical, MSW, Boston College
Social Work, MSW, Columbia Univ
Social Work, MSW, CUNY Hunter College
Social Work, MSW, Loyola University
Social Work, MSW, University of Washington
Sociology and Education, MA, Columbia University
Sociology, MA, New York University
Sociology, MA, Northeastern University
Sociology, MA, University of Southern California
Sociology, MA, Yale University
Sociology, PhD, Brandeis University
Sociology, PhD, Brown University
Sociology, PhD, Columbia University
Sociology, PhD, New York University
Special Education, M.Ed., CUNY Hunter College
Teaching, MA, Bard College
Urban Studies, MA, Southern Connecticut State University
Veterinary Medicine, PhD, University Wisconsin - Madison
Women's Studies, MA, Brandeis University
Writing & Editing, MS, Northwest University