Courses & Requirements

The study of sociology enables students to cultivate a sociological imagination and to examine issues of social inequalities and justice in domestic and/or global contexts. Learning about sociological concepts and theories enables them to analyze social issues and problems and understand them critically.

Vassar College Catalogue

Majoring in Sociology

Along with the introductory course, the required courses on sociological theory and research methods are designed to provide majors with basic competence in sociological reasoning, argument, and conducting their own research. The 10 ½ credits for the major include six  required courses: Introductory Sociology (SOCI 151), Modern Social Theory (SOCI 247), Research Methods (SOCI 254), and three units at the 300 level. Additionally, the major requires students to complete 0.5 units of intensive credit, which can draw from community-engaged learning (SOCI 290), independent study (SOCI 298/399), or a year-long senior thesis (SOCI 300 and SOCI 301, for 1.0 units). The remaining credits can be fulfilled with Sociology classes at the 200-level and 300-level.

Sociology Correlate

Students can fulfill a correlate in Sociology by completing six credits: Introductory Sociology (SOCI 151), either Modern Social Theory (SOCI 247) or Research Methods (SOCI 254), one elective at the 300-level, and three other elective sociology courses. Credits for the correlate may include up to 1.0 accumulated intensive units in either Community-Engaged Learning (SOCI 290) or Independent Work (SOCI 298/399). A senior thesis is not available for the Sociology Correlate.