Senior team: Who is everyone?

Dear all,

As the 2023–2024 school year begins, I want to re-introduce the senior team and share a little bit about us. Please feel free to reach out to any of us about issues in relevant areas, and thank you for your support.

In order of how quickly they submitted their pictures and blurbs to me…

A person standing in the middle of a sports field at night, with fans and baseball players in the background. The person is wearing a long, blue-striped dress with "Dodgers" on it. Behind them is a large illuminated stadium sign. It's not clear what's on the sign.

Sonya Smith serves as our Vice President and Dean of Admission and Student Financial Services. As a true Los Angeles Dodgers fan, she was thrilled to be at this summer’s number retirement ceremony for legendary pitcher Fernando Valenzuela (#34). Bonus was being on the centerfield grass postgame and watching a drone-light show in her Los Doyers serape!

A person smiles at the camera. The person has short dark hair, glasses, and a dark beard and mustache. The background behind the person is blurred, suggesting they are on a Zoom call.

Carlos Garcia is Vice President for Technology and Human Resources and Chief Information Officer. Carlos is grateful to continue working this year with the committed teams across Computing and Information Services, Human Resources, and Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. He is enthusiastic about fostering care and enabling success for all in the Vassar community.

A person smiles at the camera. The person has long black, curly, braided hair, a black mustache, glasses, and a bright pink shirt. The person is standing outdoors; blurry foliage is visible in the background.

Wesley Dixon serves at Vassar as the Deputy to the President and Secretary of the Board of Trustees. As a South Florida native, Wesley is (not so) secretly bitter that the National Hurricane Center has never included “Wesley” as one of the potential hurricane names during hurricane season. Beyond that, Wesley enjoys hosting Vassar’s podcast “Conversations at the Salt Line,” rollerblading on the Walkway Over the Hudson, and designing craft cocktails.

A person standing in front of an ornate, smallish cathedral at night. The person has short gray hair, a black shirt, and tan slacks. A golden retriever is walking near them.

Tim Kane, Vice President for Advancement, likes to travel, which is a good thing, because he crisscrosses the globe visiting alums and parents to talk about how they can help stay connected to Vassar. When he is not on the road, he is in his office at Alumnae House. This photo is from a personal trip to Porto, Portugal in 2023 where he was joined by a local cão for a late-night photo opp in front of the amazing Church of Ildefonso.

Four people smile at the camera. The leftmost person has short brown hair and a dark gray T-shirt with the words "North Cove Sail KIDSail" partially visible. The second person has short brown hair and a blue shirt. The third person has long brown hair, a pink shirt, and a blue baseball cap with "SLS" on it. The rightmost person is taller than the others, has very short dark hair, and a gray shirt. A city and harbor are visible in the background.

Victoria Grantham, Vassar’s new Vice President of Communications, is busy trying to get to know the Vassar community so she can help share the College’s most powerful stories. She’s already a regular at the Crafted Kup, so if you spot her there (or anywhere) please say hi and give her story ideas and/or advice on getting immersed in all things Vassar and Poughkeepsie. Connect with Victoria on LinkedIn or on Instagram.

Four people smile at the camera. The leftmost person has shoulder-length brown hair, sunglasses pushed up on their forehead, and a blue shirt. The second person has long brown hair, sunglasses pushed up, and a white tank top. The third person has a gray shirt and sunglasses worn on a black baseball cap. The fourth person is taller than the rest and has a gray baseball cap and a gray shirt. The scene is outdoors, with a river in the background.

Bryan Swarthout, Vice President for Finance and Administration, loves spending time outside and being with his family. This year, despite having no musical ability whatsoever, he’s trying to learn to play the guitar. Any tips? Please share!

A person leans against a stone wall with a metal gate on it. The person has short black hair, a gray T-shirt with the word "Puma" on it, and tan slacks.

Bini Tesfamariam is the Director of Institutional Research and Strategic Decision Support. In his capacity as director, he oversees the administration of most of the campus wide surveys. So, if his name pops up in your inbox, chances are, he has got a questionnaire for you to complete. Do not forget to open it. In his free time, Bini cherishes time spent outdoors with family and friends.

A person with long gray-blond hair, a blue shirt, a necklace, and glasses pushed up on their forehead. A river is visible in the background.

Shay Humphrey is our inaugural General Counsel at Vassar. As a Vassar alum, Shay is excited to return to campus in this new role. She enjoys stand-up paddle boarding and finding new waterways in the Hudson Valley to explore.

A photo of a person smiling at the camera. The person has a gray beard and mustache, a tan baseball cap, and appears to be hiking on a mountain.

Bill Hoynes, Dean of the Faculty, had a peaceful summer, reading lots of fiction, trying new vegan recipes, and enjoying a big family wedding in County Cork, Ireland. He is excited about the start of the new academic year and looks forward to teaching an American Studies class in the spring semester.

A person kayaking in a river. The person has long gray hair, glasses, and a bright green T-shirt. Sitting in the front of the kayak on the person's lap is a small brown and white dog.

Marianne H. Begemann, Dean of Strategic Planning and Academic Resources is responsible for leading the Libraries, Loeb Art Center, Athletics and Physical Education, the Nursery School, and the Preserve, as well as overseeing the Sustainability Office and Faculty Housing. She collaborates with Facilities Operations and others on space and landscape planning with a particular focus on accessibility, sustainability, and equity. In her spare time, she enjoys learning new things like how to transfer her knowledge of canoeing into that of kayaking, with help from her dog Pip.

A person stands outside on a grassy area, with trees and a barn in the background. The person has short dark hair, a black T-shirt with an abstract geometrical design on it, and gray slacks.

Professor Jonathon Kahn is the Special Advisor to the College on Inclusion and Engaged Pluralism as well as Professor of Religion, Africana and American Studies, and the Director of Engaged Pluralism. Coffee is his favorite beverage, and he is always game to grab a cup at any time. Stop by the Engaged Pluralism office on the second floor of Main 223.

Two people smile at the camera. The leftmost person has glasses, short dark brown hair, and a red shirt. The rightmost person is taller with short gray hair, a gray beard and mustache, sunglasses, and a green shirt. Behind them is a mountain in the distance and a small rural road.

Dean Carlos Alamo is the Dean of the College and a Professor in the Sociology Department. He works everyday with students and an amazing group of administrators and staff to help ensure that students get the opportunity to live their best and healthiest lives while on campus. When he’s away from campus he loves spending time with his family including zip-lining across the huge ravine behind him in Puerto Rico with his son Felix.

A person with long, auburn hair and a black shirt. The person is smiling at the camera, and is standing in the hallway of a house.

Need to schedule anything with me? Meet Veronica Peccia, who is Scheduler for the President’s Office (aka a magician). She can help!

A photo of three people smiling at the camera. The leftmost person has short brown hair, a beard and mustache, and a blue shirt. The middle person has short brown hair. The rightmost person has long black hair and a gray shirt.

And then, the person who leads the President’s Office administratively, Angela DePaolo, Director of Administrative Affairs in the President’s Office. She knows everything! Below she is pictured with her kids Joey and Sean. I am so grateful to this amazing support team.

Two people smile at the camera. The leftmost person has short gray hair and a maroon shirt. The rightmost person has shoulder-length gray hair and a pink shirt.

Well, sadly, summer vacation is over…but it feels good to be together again on campus. Have a great week and here’s to a meaningful year ahead! My husband John and I are grateful to be here with you.

Elizabeth H. Bradley, President       
Vassar College       
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604