A Letter from the President

Dear all,

Thank you for your interest in the President’s Administrative Fellows Program. This program is an exciting opportunity for both professional and personal growth for recent Vassar graduates. Our goal is to expose recent graduates to a range of experiences and prepare graduates for future careers in higher education administration. Over the course of the year-long program, Administrative Fellows will report to a senior administrator at the college and work on central projects and programs that are poised to make Vassar a better institution for our students, faculty, administrators, alums, and community partners.

I hope you will consider staying at Vassar after graduation as part of the President’s Administrative Fellows program. In doing so, you will learn from administrators who will have your professional development at the forefront of their minds, as you work on projects together and continue to share your talents with the college.


President Bradley

Program Description

The President’s Administrative Fellows Program is a year-long program that exposes recent Vassar graduates to roles in higher education administration. At the end of the Fellowship, Administrative Fellows will have both a broad understanding of how institutions of higher education function and a deep understanding of the area in which they are placed. The Administrative Fellows Program will prepare students to take on leadership roles at Vassar, other institutions of higher education, and organizations in other sectors.

Administrative Fellows are full-time paid employees and are placed in a variety of offices across the college. Administrative Fellows are placed in offices that are overseen by individuals in senior leadership roles at Vassar. Over the course of their fellowship year, Administrative Fellows will engage in activities ranging from the management of administrative tasks to strategic program development and implementation. As part of the program, Administrative Fellows will be members of a cohort and will have exposure to a number of different professional development opportunities. These opportunities include lunchtime conversations with the President, Dean of the College, Secretary and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Vice President of Advancement, Vice President of Communications, and other individuals in leadership roles at the college; one-on-one alum mentoring between Administrative Fellows and alums whose current careers align with the Administrative Fellows’ placement or future career goals; and specialized professional development sessions focused on benefits and retirement, financial planning, and navigating career changes.

The Administrative Fellows Program is a unique opportunity for recent graduates to add to their Vassar experience and prepare for a meaningful career in higher education or other sectors in which a deep understanding of issues in higher education can be helpful. See below for more information on this year’s placements and information on how to apply.


If you are interested in applying to the President’s Administrative Fellows Program, please send a cover letter and resume to administrativefellows@vassar.edu by Sunday, February 13th, 2022 at 5:00pm EST. If you are interested in being considered for more than one Administrative Fellow role, please note that in your cover letter and indicate how you would rank the roles in which you are interested.

If you have any questions about the Administrative Fellows Program overall, please contact Wesley Dixon at wdixon@vassar.edu.

If you have any questions about individual placements, please contact the supervisor of that particular placement. 

Current Fellows

  • Sefa February, Jeh Vincent Johnson ALANA Cultural Center/Transitions
  • Megan Reyes, Office of Community Engaged Learning
  • Gillian Redstone, Office of Advancement
  • Yu Ge Zhang, Career Development Office
  • Vanessa Vazquez, Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve, Environmental Cooperative, and Office of Sustainability

2022-2023 Placements

The fellow’s coordinating supervisor will be Nicole Beveridge, Director of the Jeh Vincent Johnson ALANA Center. The successful applicant will be part of the Student Growth and Engagement (SGE) team that meets once per month to discuss and review projects.

Scope of the Work:

The administrative fellow at the Jeh Vincent Johnson ALANA Center will play an integral role in coordinating events of the center. In addition, the fellow will support many college wide activities and large-scale programming of events such as Orientation, open-house, ALANA Fest, ALANA Leadership Summit, ALANA Block Party, and combined student/ employee gatherings.

The candidate will have a plethora of consistent opportunities under supervision to hone new leadership skills, work collaboratively with campus and community partners, obtain multiple professional networking opportunities, while creating a balanced resume.

Goals of the ALANA Center:

  • To foster an inclusive climate and culturally competent campus environment where students feel a strong sense of belonging.
  • Provide a high level of support and care for ALANA identifying students, especially those from historically underrepresented groups and cultures.
  • To promote programs that keep students feeling comfortable with their identities in order to build a closer community.
  • To interact with and learn from campus partners and community leaders.
  • Engage in mentoring and networking opportunities.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop programs and services in the areas of community engagement, multicultural education, social justice education, and leadership development.
  • Plan and coordinate major programs including cultural graduation and award ceremonies, orientation events, and provide support for heritage months.
  • Provide consultation and support to (17) student organizations coordinating programs related to social justice and multicultural education.
  • Collaborate with student leaders, house teams, campus partners (faculty, administrative offices), and community leaders to develop creative programs and projects to enhance intercultural interaction and engagement.
  • Design and manage ALANA digital, print and promotional materials.
  • Help to coordinate ALANA media presence, website, listserv maintenance, and weekly newsletter.

Scope of Responsibilities/Job Description

The Career Development Office (CDO) at Vassar College invites applications for a one-year position that serves as an integral member of the office team and supports the work of several functional areas. The primary responsibilities of the Administrative Fellow include advising, programming, and communications.

The Administrative Fellow will be trained to host daily drop-in hours and to conduct basic advising appointments with students for resume reviews, mock interviews, and more. They will also work closely on CDO programs focused on career education (eg, workshops) and alum engagement (eg, panels, Sophomore Career Connections, etc.). The Administrative Fellow will also play an active role in publicity, marketing, and communications for the Career Development Office.

Key Advising Responsibilities:

  • Introduce students to career resources and services through daily drop-in and scheduled appointments
  • Provide students with resume and cover letter reviews, as well as basic information about job/internship searches, interview advice, etc.; recommend relevant resources and make referrals to career counselors as needed

Key Programming Responsibilities:

  • Represent the CDO through tabling, open houses, study breaks, and other events
  • Present workshops on topics such as resume writing, internship search, interview skills, etc.
  • Provide support for alum-connected programming, such as panels and signature events

Key Communications Responsibilities:

  • Compile and design the CDO’s weekly email newsletter
  • Develop and implement creative strategies to promote CDO events, services, and resources using a variety of media including email, e-newsletters, targeted marketing, social media, and print
  • Manage program-specific marketing timelines by working closely with CDO staff
  • Design print marketing and informational pieces such as posters, flyers, email blasts, programs, etc.
  • Update web content using the content management system (CMS)

The Administrative Fellow will also support office coverage, greeting students and other visitors in the main office and answering phones as needed.

Significant training is provided for all aspects of this position. Successful applicants have come from a variety of majors and with myriad skill sets. Past Administrative Fellows in Career Development have gone on to work in the fields of student affairs, career development, recruiting/HR, education, arts administration, and more, and have successfully matriculated into a variety of master’s and PhD programs.

For more information, contact Stacy Bingham, Associate Dean of the College for Career Development, stbingham@vassar.edu

The Vassar Office of Advancement (OA) Fellow is responsible for planning and executing the College’s phonathon program of roughly 4 student managers and 6-10 student callers. This is an integral role in the development of Vassar’s digital alum & parent outreach and engagement efforts. Additionally, the OA Fellow will collaborate with the Assistant Director of Annual Giving in Student Education & Young Alumni Engagement to develop, enhance, and build on student education and young alum engagement programs, such as the newly launched Student Philanthropy Council. The Office of Advancement Fellow will report to the Assistant Director of Annual Giving in Student Education & Young Alumni Engagement and oversee all aspects of a fresh and innovative Phonathon Program, Student Education Program, and Young Alum Engagement Program.

Position Summary and Responsibilities: The OA Fellow will learn key transferable skills in strategic leadership, management, and oversight to the student caller team through the management of a multi-channel/digital solicitation program that includes recruiting & interviewing students, managing technology platforms (calling software) developing scripts, training, and analyzing data. The OA Fellow will develop a strong working knowledge of advancement in the higher ed world. The OA Fellow will have a supportive role in Student Education and Young Alum Engagement.

The OA Fellow will focus on managing a Phonathon program that includes increasing new alum, young alum, lapsed alum, and parent engagement measured by a wide variety of metrics including social media engagement, VassarNet onboarding, club membership, and donor engagement. The Fellow will also collaborate with Assistant Director of Annual Giving in Student Education and Young Alumni Engagement in supporting our premier Generation Vassar Alumni Participation Challenge, Student Philanthropy Council program, and a campus-wide Student Education program.


  • Support and manage Vassar’s Phonathon Program.
  • Hire and supervise the student callers and student managers. Re-up managers and student callers.
  • Revise/create scripts for student callers within various digital channels.
  • Develop timing strategy for phonathon outreach (i.e. new alum, young alum, lapsed alum, pledge reminders, parents, value outreach)
  • Direct short- and long-range planning and implementation for phonathon.
  • Analyze data as it comes in, track metrics.
  • Oversee 4-5 shifts weekly.
  • Ensure that the Vassar Fund is well-positioned to adapt and appeal to the habits and philanthropic preferences of recent graduates and students. This includes proactively sourcing next generation digital fundraising and payment tools i.e Venmo, caller program.
  • Collaborate with the Assistant Director of Annual Giving to develop a meaningful student education program re: Vassar Fund.
  • Collaborate with the Assistant Director of Annual Giving to develop high impact young alum challenges.
  • Coordinate the sharing of prospect and donor information with other development colleagues and collaborate to ensure upward
  • movement of prospects through the pipeline for major gifts.
  • Design a series of management information reports that demonstrate key leverage points, outcomes and efficiency.
  • Manage the compilation and submission of regular department reports to the Director of Annual Giving.
  • Develop "visit and activity metrics" with Vassar Fund team members including measuring face to face conversations with current students.
  • Oversee a Phonathon budget.
  • Develop culminating high level presentations to the Advancement office and others.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • A minimum of a Vassar Bachelor's degree required.
  • Strong appreciation for Vassar's values and key strategic initiatives along with the ability to effectively communicate with them for a diverse audience.
  • Ability to create and manage a phonathon program with goals, objectives, identified deliverables and timelines.
  • Strong experience on social media.
  • Superb interpersonal communication skills with colleagues and alums.
  • Excellent data analysis and report generation skills.
  • A willingness to work 37.5 hours weekly beginning at 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Scope of Responsibilities/Job Description:

Every day, we engage with food; an engagement that can be intentional and thoughtful but, more often than not, routine or superficial. Food, and the systems surrounding it, can be leveraged for engagement in a profound and impactful way.  More than something that sustains life, food can provide a fulfilling and enriching developmental experience. 

The Campus Activities Office is seeking a one-year post-baccalaureate fellowship focusing on community engagement which utilizes the power of food through the campus dining experience. The Administrative Fellow will exercise sound judgment, diverse communication tactics, and a continuous improvement mindset to create and initiate new engagement initiatives and strategies. The successful candidate will use curiosity, creativity, and organizational savvy to develop and implement programs designed to educate the campus community on food legacy, sourcing, and traditions. The primary purpose of this position is to create clear and compelling engagement strategies around food, advance the educational value of a food-service operation within higher education, and engage the entire campus community in a transformative way.


  • Natural storyteller - a curious and thoughtful individual who is willing to research and more intentionally explore the life, legacy, and power of food through specific ingredients and recipes.  
  • Creative problem solver – ability to utilize food, cooking techniques, and the professional kitchen environment to strategically and thoughtfully address complicated issues impacting the campus and global communities.
  • Cross-departmental collaborator – holding a seat at the table, representing dining, with campus partners to advance college-wide initiatives including, but not limited to sustainability, reducing food insecurity, health and wellness, and diversity and racial justice.
  • Innovative self-starter – motivated by the impact on the campus and passion for continued growth and improvement.
  • Outstanding communicator – Leveraging sound judgement and diverse communication methods to deliver high-quality work across multiple projects.


  • Working with the Campus Activities Office and Campus Dining, to develop, schedule, and implement programmatic engagement efforts for the students and employees.
  • Partner with student organizations and departments to creatively address complex topics in a thoughtful and impactful manner.  Example topics include, but are not limited to, sustainability, racial justice, and food justice and security. 
  • In partnership with management and Human Resources, build an employee engagement strategy with Bon Appetit and the SEIU dining employees for training opportunities and morale building.
  • Work with Bon Appetit to expand their Farm 2 Fork program by connecting with community organizations, farmers, and industries to provide more local ingredients/resources to the Vassar dining program.
  • Measure the success of the fellowship efforts by establishing learning outcomes, developing measurement plans, and setting milestones. Using data to make more informed and thoughtful decisions for future initiatives. 
  • Build storyboards, leverage social media, and develop strong, diverse communication tactics for all programmatic efforts.
  • Work closely with Bon Appetit to expand menus, enhance experiences, and encourage student growth as it relates to special diets, religious and cultural cuisines, and celebratory food traditions.
  • Partner with Campus Activities Office on major campus events where food is involved or plays a role. Help the CAO team to understand how food can be used to enhance, support, and compliment campus-wide events.
  • Develop a campaign of curiosity and education for specific ingredients, recipes, and menus.  Connect the dots for individuals on where their food comes from, what story does it tell, and how it was prepared.

Through this experience, an Administrative Fellow will learn:

  • to navigate and meet the needs of a community around several competing and complicated issues within a service-driven environment.
  • to build a strong team through communication, training, and morale building as it relates to a union environment.
  • to respond to the needs of a community through historical traditions and lessons of food culture with creativity and innovation.

The Grants Office invites applications for a one-year fellowship focused on supporting institutional grants and faculty research at Vassar.

Vassar receives millions of dollars in grant and fellowship funding each year from federal agencies such as the NSF and NIH as well as private foundations and New York State.

These funds support innovative faculty research and collaborative initiatives as well as a host of institutional programs, including the Mellon Foundation-funded Engaged Pluralism Initiative (EPI), Community-Engaged Intensives in the Humanities, and Consortium on Forced Migration and Displacement; HHMI-Grand Challenges initiative; and Luce Foundation-funded Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment (LIASE).

Behind each of Vassar’s grants is a competitive proposal, detailed budget, and dedicated project director, all of which are supported by the Grants Office.

The Administrative Fellow will gain a deep understanding of grants and contribute to the team’s efforts in multiple ways, including researching potential funding opportunities for a range of projects and assisting with the preparation, submission, and tracking of grant applications.

This is an exciting opportunity for a post-baccalaureate who is interested in working in academia, medicine, non-profits, and other arenas where federal and private foundation grants play a major role. The Fellow will develop hands-on experience with a variety of tasks and topics, including:  

  • Developing competitive grant proposals and budgets;  
  • Providing programming support to institutional grants and project directors;
  • Communicating grants-related accomplishments to the broader community through an interactive website and regular newsletters; and
  • Supporting strategic planning and identifying new funding opportunities for the College.

The Administrative Fellow in the Grants Office will develop work with various online systems and multiple departments across campus, and will leave this experience with a solid understanding of how grants are sought, secured and administered and how they might support future career opportunities and/or scholarly and creative endeavors.

Department: Cross-Departmental Opportunity
Division: Office of the Vice President for Technology and Human Resources

About the Office of the Vice President for Technology and Human Resources

Vassar College is amongst the only higher education institutions to identify the value of coordinating the administration of Technology with that of Human Resources. As technology strives to enhance and facilitate the teaching, learning and administration of the College, Human Resources strives to engage current employees and attract a diverse and talented workforce to continue to make Vassar College an incredible place to work, live, teach, and learn.

Both departments have the shared vision of minimizing process barriers to make the administration of the College as effective and inclusive as possible.

About The Administrative Fellow in the Office of the Vice President for Technology and Human Resources

Reporting to the Assistant Vice President for Planning & Engagement, you will have the unique opportunity to directly impact the student and employee experiences at Vassar College by contributing directly to the objectives of both departments.  You will help to develop the college’s mobile strategy and other programs to enhance student and employee engagement while developing valuable skills in effective communications, strategic planning and creating a supportive and inclusive workplace.  Read on to learn more about how, together, we will transform the work of the College to enable our community members to engage with the Vassar experience in a deep and meaningful way.

With support and guidance from College administrators, you will impact the future of:

  • Mobile Strategy
    • Impact the development of Vassar’s mobile strategy by identifying gaps and opportunities and surfacing new approaches to providing equitable and inclusive access to student resources
    • Identify areas for mobile growth and adoption amongst all audiences
    • Play a central role in working groups to define a multi-phased approach to mobile strategy and content development
    • Inform our outreach and communications plans by using analytics and feedback to identify opportunities for improvements to content, cadence and channels
  • Student Success
    • Collaborate with teams in CIS, Dean of Studies, Dean of Students and Dean of the College offices to increase the focus on equity and access throughout the digital student experience
    • Be an active member of a variety of teams related to student information system projects
    • Transform the student experience by identifying tools and processes improvement that will enable more paperless, mobile and automated processes 
    • Foster a culture of collaboration and communication that incorporates the student perspective through feedback, focus groups, and testing strategies
    • Develop and implement programs to foster student engagement, collaboration and innovation
  • Employee Engagement 
    • Support the adoption and understanding of Vassar’s digital engagement program by helping to create communication and engagement plans
    • Socialize the employee engagement and digital engagement program(s) including technology and available services 
    • Design new programs that will leverage technology to enhance the employee experience by identifying opportunities and surfacing new approaches to successfully engage all types of employees
    • Work to formalize and promote skills development across our workforce by supporting and identifying new opportunities for the Human Resources Employee Professional Development programs
    • Impact the policies and processes that allow us to refine our commitment inclusive hiring and equitable employee development through research and collaboration with other similar institutions

What your journey will look like:

30 days: The first 30 days, you will familiarize yourself with the multi-year plans of the Computing and Information Services and Human Resources departments and attend meetings related to the goals and objectives of those plans. This will help you to get a broad understanding of how best to engage with the various teams and initiatives. Throughout, you will shadow the Assistant Vice President for Planning and Engagement and other members of the Office of the Vice President for open dialogue and ongoing support.

60 days: The next 30 days, together we will identify the best initiatives for you to focus on and develop a plan for how you can be most impactful during your time in the position.

90 days: Well established in your role, the next 30 days and beyond will be spent being an active member of various teams, working groups, and projects, contributing to and having a direct impact on the direction of these initiatives.

What you will gain from this experience:

This role will serve as an unparalleled professional development opportunity where you’ll gain skills in leadership, culture, engagement, communication, and planning, while developing robust knowledge of the administration of campus technology, business processes, organization development, and engaging regularly with senior campus stakeholders. These skills will serve you well on whatever future career path you choose.

We are extremely proud of our departments’ culture of collaboration and reputation for being trusted partners across campus. We are service-minded teams who continually strive to put the experience of our community members above all else and would be thrilled to have you join us!

The Fellow’s coordinating supervisor will be Jennifer Rubbo, Director of the Environmental Cooperative at the Vassar Barns, while their work will bridge three areas: that of the Environmental Cooperative, the Farm and Ecological Preserve, and the Office of Sustainability.  Keri Van Camp will provide support in areas of work that tie directly to the Farm and Ecological Preserve while the Office of Sustainability will provide support for campus sustainability efforts. The successful applicant will be part of a team that meets approximately bi-weekly to review the status of joint projects and will include those mentioned above plus myself, two or three faculty, and other interns/fellows.

Scope of Work:

As the Covid pandemic continues to influence our lives, and the climate crisis progresses, the value of our natural areas has become more apparent. In 2021, thanks to a generous gift from the class of ‘71 Vassar began the process of making the 500+ acres of open space, currently known as the Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve more accessible and inclusive to the Vassar community and our neighbors in the Hudson Valley.

The Environmental Cooperative and the Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve are in the process of coordinating their programs and messaging to the Vassar community and the general public.  Efforts include developing an identity plan for the Preserve including a new name, redesigning the entrance, highlighting the importance of the Farm and Ecological Preserve to the College’s Sustainability goals, and communicating the critically important role that open space plays in the health of a community and its members.  Incorporating outreach events that reflect our mission and interpret the research and community work being done is an important component of this work.

This work aligns with the Office of Sustainability’s efforts to launch a comprehensive, campus-wide Zero Waste campaign. The Office of Sustainability will lead a series of outreach events and initiatives to enhance waste sorting, decrease contamination, and reduce total plastic consumption on campus. The campaign will require substantial volunteer coordination, communication, and event-planning work to be successful. Given the nature of the outreach and the groups to be engaged, there is natural synergy between these efforts and outreach efforts at the Preserve.

The Administrative Fellow will play a key role in planning outreach events and developing and coordinating communications for and marketing these complementary efforts.  The candidate will learn important transferable skills such as the communication of complex ideas to the general public, the management of various forms of online communication, event planning and the development of creative ways to engage new audiences.

Key Goals:

  • To plan and implement events that interpret natural areas and climate action on campus and in our communities to a wide audience.
  • To instill a conservation ethos in our students and community by engaging them in activities and learning opportunities sponsored by the Ecological Preserve, the Environmental Cooperative, and the Sustainability Office
  • To communicate the benefits of nature toward improving our well-being, mental, and physical health
  • To increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in environmental, sustainability, and natural sciences fields

Key Activities:

  • Develop, coordinate and implement a cohesive series of events related to conservation, environmental education and sustainability for the Vassar community and the residents of the Hudson Valley.
  • Develop and implement creative ways to engage the Vassar student body and community in the programs and mission of the Office of Sustainability, the Ecological Preserve and the Cooperative
  • Coordinate communications and messaging for the Office of Sustainability, the Environmental Cooperative and the Ecological Preserve through our websites, social media (Instagram and Facebook), and e-newsletters.
  • Collaborate with student leaders, house teams, administrative offices/centers, and other campus groups to promote sustainability, environmental awareness and appropriate use of the Ecological Preserve. 
  • Design print materials such as flyers, informational brochures, interpretive signage and posters.
  • Help to coordinate consistent messaging between the Environmental Cooperative and the Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve in collaboration with Vassar’s communication department.


If you have any questions about the Administrative Fellows Program overall, please contact Wesley Dixon at wdixon@vassar.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I am selected as an Administrative Fellow, when would I start my Fellowship?
Answer: Administrative Fellows will begin during the summer after they graduate from Vassar. The official start date will likely be on or around Tuesday July 5th, 2022.

Question: How will my alum mentor be chosen?
Answer: If selected as an Administrative Fellow, you will work collaboratively with the Program Director and your supervisor to determine what qualities are most important to you in a mentor. Your supervisor and the Program Director will work with the Career Development Office and the Office of Advancement to find a suitable mentor for you based on your personal and professional interests.

Question: Is the Administrative Fellows role a paid position?
Answer: Yes, the Administrative Fellows role is a full-time, year-long, paid position.

Question: Is housing included as a part of the Administrative Fellows Program?
Answer: No, housing is not provided as a part of the Administrative Fellows Program. If you are selected as an Administrative Fellow, we encourage you to work with the Program Director and the Dean of Strategic Planning and Academic Resources to explore affordable housing options in or around Poughkeepsie.

Past Administrative Fellows


  • Damian Zapien, Office of Communications
  • Kate Titowsky, Office of Advancement
  • Ivanna Guerra, Jeh Vincent Johnson ALANA Cultural Center/Transitions
  • Loizos Karaiskos, Career Development Office


  • Tamar Ballard, Dean of the College
  • Lily Berman, Career Development Office
  • Rori-An Chuck, Office of Alumnae Affairs and Development
  • Samantha Hoher, Office of Health Education and Promotion
  • Brian Hong, Office of Communications
  • Elaina Peterkin, Jeh Vincent Johnson ALANA Cultural Center
  • Ezra Weissman, Office of the President


  • Udbhav Agarwal, International Services
  • Juleen Graham, Career Development
  • Alquan Higgs, Jeh Vincent Johnson ALANA Cultural Center
  • Cecilia Hoang, Engaged Pluralism Initiative
  • Samantha Hoher, Health Education and Promotion