A message from the Board of Trustees

Dear all,

I am writing to let you know that a complaint has been filed today against Vassar by a group of faculty members. I know that many of you may have questions. In light of the pending litigation, we are limited in what we can say about this matter. As the claim was filed against the College, the Chair of the Board of Trustees has provided the following statement:

Vassar College has been working diligently and continuously on the issue of pay equity with a group of professors since January 2019. Throughout this time, Vassar has been transparent and proactive in sharing the results of equity analyses. Vassar believes it pays its faculty fairly and equitably and has complied with the law, and it would like to resolve this issue. As chair of the Board of Trustees, I regret that the group of faculty members has now initiated litigation against Vassar.

The Board of Trustees is proud of Vassar’s thorough performance review process. Faculty salaries are set by a faculty-led, peer-review process, per Vassar’s governance structure. Vassar faculty produce path-breaking research, foster exceptional teaching, and provide professional service and leadership. Rewarding faculty achievements, as determined by their peers, is integral to Vassar’s mission and contributions to the larger society.

The Board of Trustees will continue to support Vassar in its mission to develop cutting-edge academic programs, robust student life, and meaningful community partnerships. Vassar would like to resolve and will continue working to resolve this disagreement with these valued faculty members, whose many contributions are central to the mission and success of the institution.


Anthony J Friscia


Elizabeth H. Bradley, President
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604