Deputy to the President

Dear all,

I am writing to let you know that Wesley Dixon who has served as the Special Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board since 2017 has been promoted to Deputy to the President and Secretary of the Board of Trustees. This is not an added role at the College but rather an enhancement of Wesley’s role, recognizing the breadth of his contributions to the College. Wes will remain a member of the senior team.

As the College embarks on our comprehensive campaign, in his new role, Wes will help extend the reach and influence of the College in many ways. In this role, Wes will represent me when needed in administrative and strategic contexts (e.g., administrative/staff forums when I am not on campus, convening the senior team meetings, helping to foster institutional relationships locally and globally, curating the Vassar podcast called Conversations at the Salt Line). He will contribute to conceptualizing and developing the vision and structure for the Institute for Liberal Arts alongside the Dean of Faculty and future Faculty Director of the Institute. Wes will also serve as the key liaison between the President’s Office and a variety of local political and community stakeholders as we work to support a dynamic relationship between the College and the surrounding community. Wes will continue to act as the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, ensuring the Board of Trustees focuses their efforts on issues of strategic importance to the College and on supporting an organizational culture of strong and transparent governance. The role has no responsibility related to the curriculum, educational policy, or faculty hiring and promotion, which are the responsibility of the Dean of Faculty and President.

It may be helpful at this time to remind people about the various roles in the President’s Office. I am forever thankful for this dedicated team.

  • Angela DePaulo is the Director of Administrative Affairs and provides enormous support for our Board meetings, events sponsored by the President’s Office, providing advice of all kinds, supervising the student interns in the office, and arranging the Administrative and Staff Forums—among her other duties.
  • Veronica Peccia manages my calendar and much of my travel.
  • Maria Merritt takes care of the President’s House and events there.
  • Our student interns manage reception, supplies, and office duties.

Please join me in congratulating Wes!

Elizabeth H. Bradley, President
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604