Dean of the College

April 17, 2023

Dear all,

Please join me in thanking the dedicated review committee of Professor Kimberly Williams Brown, Emily Doucet ’25, Professor Dara Greenwood, Professor Laura Haynes, Professor Justin Patch, and Brian Scannell ’23. I am also grateful to Angela DePaolo in the President’s Office for her support of the committee.

In their review, the committee lauded Dean Alamo’s deftness in balancing empathy and inclusion with efficiency and pragmatism, his ability to manage socially and emotionally difficult situations with care and focus, and his skill at navigating conflicts as they arise in the large and diverse portfolio of responsibilities assigned to the Dean of the College. The committee noted that students and staff alike reported feeling heard by Dean Alamo and credit him with creating a positive environment in which staff and students are encouraged to support each other. They also noted Dean Alamo’s increasing presence with the surrounding community, our alums, and of course parents, as he represents the college to a variety of national audiences including donors.

I concur completely with the review committee. Dean Alamo is essential to the senior leadership team and has my full confidence and support. I feel tremendous gratitude to be able to work with and learn from Dean Alamo and look forward to the next five years.

Thank you and congratulations Dean Alamo!

Elizabeth H. Bradley, President
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604