Veterans Day

November 11, 2021

Dear all,

Happy Veterans Day. We are so very fortunate to have the Posse Veterans Program here at Vassar. Having veterans on our campus enriches us all. Their experiences can help us better understand our world and the contemporary moment.

We also have students who choose to serve after they finish their studies at Vassar. Today our Homepage features a piece on Robb Rolfing, ’00, who was part of the men’s soccer team at Vassar. After the events of September 11, 2001, Rolfing joined the Army. He went on to Special Forces school, to become a member of the Green Berets. During his second tour in Iraq on June 30, 2007, Rolfing was killed by enemy fire. Today, his initials adorn the practice jerseys of the Men’s soccer team, and a special flag created in his honor flies over Gordon Field.

Please join me in taking time today to thank our veterans, and to remind ourselves how much we owe them—those who have already served their country, those who are serving now, and those who will serve in the future.

Elizabeth H. Bradley, President
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604