Presidential Election

Dear all,

Several credible news sources are reporting Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris have enough electoral votes to be elected as the next president and vice president of the United States. The moment is historic as we begin what should be a peaceful transition of power during the worst pandemic in a century and at one of the most divisive times of our lives. Moreover, we celebrate an important advance in the long road toward greater gender and racial equity, even though so much more is needed, in electing a woman of color to second highest office in the land.

Despite fears about possible threats to the election process, a record number of people got out and voted, fighting through efforts to suppress their vote as well as risks related to COVID-19. Students here at Vassar and across the country joined the surge of young people voting for their futures. Many of Vassar’s employees were particularly active in supporting students in voting as well. All of these efforts are to be commended.

This is a time of great potential. Let us be deliberate in how each of us helps shape the days and months ahead.

What if we committed to live together in profound recognition that we are mutually dependent, that our destinies are intertwined as we tackle the work of repairing the many and deep divisions in our country? What if we committed to continually inviting expression of the knowledge, wisdom, and sources of wealth among diverse cultures and ways of living together?

What a beautiful and powerful community we would be—living in fullness and understanding the value of our collective humanity.

May this day open a door to new understanding, to new expression, and to a new time of hope.

Elizabeth H. Bradley, President
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604